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The measurement of your yard can influence which sort of fence you buy. Besides, we don’t know where danger lurks, so this review on wireless dog fence can guide your and solve this problem amazingly provided your dog receives proper training. As said earlier, wireless fence systems are very easy to install where the in-ground fence system is very laborious. Remember, wireless dog fence works differently on sloped yards. It has dryer technology that makes the collar waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.

Comes with one collar.All equipment is waterproof which will make the device work in extreme climate conditions. And the receiver will give up working after the third cycle of excessive punishment. The receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity which means the collar will not harm the dog, it’s skin and its hair at all. Radio frequency method works accurately to aware your dog to stay within the fence. Lite receiver collar wieghs 1.4 ounces and standard collar weights 1.5 ounces. Though the leash is required for first few days, at least creates an acquaintance with petsafe remote trainer.

Petsafe Stay And Play Compact Wireless Fence For Small Dog Review

This is to ensure that the mild electric shock that is administered does not harm your dog for a humane containment. The other major consideration while choosing a wireless fence is the type of dog you have. It is recommended for dogs over 8 pounds in weight and older than 6 months. It comes in two sizes, one for small dogs with a collar size of 12 to 17 inches and medium-sized dogs with a collar size of 14 to 26 inches. The SportDog is a 500 yard range e collar that can support training of three dogs with the same remote. The Dog Expedition is a totally portable GPS fence and training device.

  • For all other breeds, this invisible dog fence will work perfectly.
  • Overall, this wireless fence is suitable for dogs that weigh 10 to 110 lbs.
  • Another thing you should check is the correction modes of the wireless fence.
  • And while the collar is less adjustable and the demographic more niche, there is still the same full-on kit offered by PetSafe.
  • However, make sure you always choose the proper correction level or else you won’t have much success when it comes to correcting your pet’s behavior.

A dog who is both large and stubborn should get a collar that is sized larger with more electrical power to administer the proper level of deterrence. Simply set the boundary and leave your dog to go about their business, while you go about your day. SpotOn simultaneously connects to multiple satellite systems & adjusts that data based on motion sensors in your dog’s collar. This AI-enhanced GPS shows your dog’s true location, rather than relying on satellite data alone, for the most effective & convenient, fence-free containment. Although you subject your canine to mild electrostatic correction, it shouldn’t cause pain or long-lasting discomfort. It becomes humane if you use the beep or vibration to correct them.

In A Hurry? Best Wireless Fence For Small Dogs In 2021

As long as the collar fits and they understand the static correction, it should work. Success has much more to do with the quality of the product and the training you provide than the breed of your dog. Of course, the safety of your dog is paramount when using wireless dog fence technologies. By themselves, the beeping and static correction aren’t going to be able to protect your dog.

wireless fence for small dog

However, you need to consider whether or not you’re willing to take that chance with that your pup. Consequently, if your yard is covered with many trees, it will be subjected to the same fate. If you find yourself in such situations, buy an in-ground containment system instead. You can now allow him to roam freely in your yard as you watch him closely.

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