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The site makes it simple to filter by brand, category, and condition. You can also specify the form of the medication, such as capsule, liquid, or injectable, and even check a box if your dog is on a special diet at the same time medication is being administered. There’s an option for rapid reordering, making refills a breeze, and both generics and name-brands are available. If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably already used Chewy to order some sort of pet supplies or food for your animal. They also offer medicines and animal drugs in their online pharmacy. A wide array of medicines is available on Chewy for all sorts of pets including cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc.

If you request a written prescription your vet has to provide one. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons dictate that the vet must charge a reasonable fee. Prescribing fees per drug or a prescription charge may be applied.

Their rates are also affordable and comparatively much better than most local pet pharmacies. After you provide the prescription details, your order is confirmed and it gets to your doorstep in 2 days. Along with that, they offer free shipping over an order of $49. This online pet pharmacy requires prescription details before confirming the order. The number one way to stay safe when buying cheap pet meds online is to start a conversation with your veterinarian. Saving money is not a new idea for anyone, and your vet understands that it’s important to be able to afford your pets medications.


The incorrect medication can mean problems for your pet including vomiting and potentially fatal reactions. Specialty Shipping – Temperature controlled shipping for medications that require being refrigerated. Prominent Contact Information – An online reseller should have an easy to find a phone number and email address . Legit Script Approved– Legitscript.com is another verification service that screens for both safety and legality. This service also provides consumers with information on the distributor including their location, where they are licensed to ship to and more. The best solution for finding a reputable distributor online is to ask your veterinarian who they recommend.

The 7 best Online Pet Pharmacies To Get Your Pooch Prescriptions

Log in to fill, refill or renew the medication prescribed by your veterinarian. Log in with your secure digital account and gain instant access to the industry’s largest formulary of compounded medications – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions about your pet please make sure to contact a veterinarian to get medical advice.

You’ll start by acquiring the prescription from your vet (a service for which you will be charged — after all, it takes time for your vet to write the prescription). Then, you can visit the site of your chosen online pharmacy and hunt down the medication your pup needs. #1 Chewy — You probably already order a lot of the things your dog needs from Chewy, so you may as well add his medications to the list!

Where Can You Buy The Best Pet Meds?

Their advice is generally trusted because they work with these distributors on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking for fresh dog food meals, all-natural kibble, or traditional dog food, we’ve got you covered. Canada Vet guarantees that customers will receive the products they ordered without having to worry about counterfeits or substitutions. Orders will typically arrive within 28 days since they ship from Canada and other parts of the world. For over-the-counter products, Canada Vet will give customers a refund if they change their mind and send their order back unused and in saleable condition. Getting the right prescription and the guidance you need to administer it properly is the most important part of any purchase of Pet Meds.

How do online vets work?

These are professional tests that pet owners can directly access online, in-store or through local pet service providers without a vet visit or prescription. “They purchase the test kit, collect the sample, and mail it to the lab for online results,” says Chmiel.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can know if the product you’re ordering will be authentic or not, so it’s important to only opt for responsible and famous online pet pharmacies. Although this is becoming the new normal, there is still some concern regarding authenticity and quality. When you opt for an online pharmacy for pets, the stakes are high.

Dog Safe Medications

Dogs also need monthly heartworm preventative, which is by prescription only. There can be other basic prescription needs for worms, ear infections or common stomach issues. If your dog is faced with life-threatening long term illness, like diabetes, then your pet prescription costs will skyrocket even further, potentially costing you extra thousands of dollars per year. Like all pharmacies, PetMeds requires an active prescription and will ask you to provide your vet’s contact information.

  • Our goal is to help you better understand your dog; however, the writing on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.
  • You can find details of all the products on the website so you can confirm the authenticity of the product before ordering it.
  • This cross-reference can help tremendously so you can locate the best deals—no matter where they are.
  • After you provide the prescription details, your order is confirmed and it gets to your doorstep in 2 days.

No matter the issue, these prescriptions can help restore your pet’s hormone balance. It’s commonly triggered by fear of loud noises or separation when you’re at work. These medications can help alleviate anxiety in pets—especially if it’s leading to behavioral issues or injury. Prescriptions in this category, also known as anticonvulsants, treat seizure disorders in cats and dogs, like epilepsy. From allergies to skin care to cleaning products for those little messes left by your furry friends, we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to your pet, don’t risk potentially saving a few dollars as the expense of their health and well-being. There are a few instances in which you might be able to safely get your pet the medications he needs online. Sadly, many of the sites that offer these discounted pet drugs are actually doing so outside of the law. And the drugs a person gets may or may not actually be legitimate.

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