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Your dog will sit and not move until you tell him it’s OK to move. This is a video of Freyja the American Mastiff showing off her “sit” skills. The ‘sit’ is one of the most useful things you can teach your dog. If your dog is sitting, he won’t be jumping on someone.

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When you refer 6 of your friends who successfully complete one of our training programs we’ll refund you the ENTIRE cost of your training. The program will be designed to meet any specific goals you want to target as well as any the trainer might observe. With a full-day training experience, more consistent progress is able to be completed while simultaneously decreasing the number of days spent at training. Our highly-trained staff and unique approach to training makes A Closer Bond stand ahead of the others. Our staff is certified through Pet Tech Canine CPR, PACCC Petcare Providers, IBPSA, The Dog Gurus, among others. How do you distinguish free time for dog walking to use potty?

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We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog. The cost of private dog training depends on the breed, age, and size of the dog; the location of the dog training sessions; and the level of habit adjustment needed also. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the cost of a 3-week boarding school program is $1900, which includes pretty much everything except food. A quality Dogtra ecollar ($200 retail value), your dog’s magic carpet, and OK sales tax on products are included in this price. You are responsible for food and any unexpected veterinary or care expenses. A $70 per day charge is assessed for dogs left here past 3 weeks.

It’s advisable that you say this command only once. If the training goes wrong, and your dog breaks position, make sure you assist your dog, taking him back to the sitting position in that initial space, then try the command again. After successfully guiding your dog to master the sit command, make it take the sit position, then kneel right in front of your dog.

Dog Obedience Training Classes

When a dog lives in your house, your family becomes his family, or ‘pack’. Marion-Alachua Dog Training Association is a volunteer nonprofit club that welcomes all dogs to our training classes in Obedience, Rally, Agility and Conformation. We also offer AKC Obedience, Rally, Agility and Lure Coursing trials and Seminars. Socialization means training your puppyor adult dog to accept new people, animals, and various places by exposing him to these things. Socialized dogs are less likely to develop behavior problems and are generally more welcomed by others.

  • When next it’s time to practice, watch it, your dog will be filled with ecstasy.
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  • This command is helpful when you give your dog a bone to eat or play with.
  • They are close in intelligence to human two-year-olds.
  • During this phase, you will likely be using your dog training collar or other dog training aid very little as your dog is capable of ignoring distraction.

The “tap” delivered from the Sit Means Sit Collar is a highly adjustable sensation that can be set to levels that are often imperceptible to people. Obviously this adjustability is necessary because some dogs are sensitive, while others are quite tough. There is no way to determine what levels your dog will respond to until you begin to train them with a collar. Another reason why the collars are so adjustable is because distractions from the environment are never consistent. How many times will that treat work perfectly indoors, but fails to maintain your dog’s attention when a cat is running by.

Basic & Advanced Obedience

All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. This command is helpful when you give your dog a bone to eat or play with. It helps when you are giving him anything that he/she might put into their mouth. Keep bringing your hand toward his mouth and if he is being very gentle, and not grabbing at all, let them take the treat. Since you will be pulling your hand away when your dog grabs, he should stop trying to grab. Take the treat and your dog over to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.


This is an important command for any dog owner, but especially for anyone interested in working with their dogs off-leash. Make sure not to leap ahead into off-leash situations before the command is well learned and your dog responds reliably, it could put your dog or others in a position of danger. Repeat the command and continue to guide with a treat.

Basic Obedience Training For Dogs

We offer several different packages in order to give clients the opportunity to decide what program best fits their lifestyle. If your dog stays in the correct position, then move to his direction, and reward him with praise and a treat also — do this while he is still at his sitting position. As the response of your dog gains improvement, you are free, permitted to move to a farther distance — a longer lead, too.

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