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Sojos offers a complete and balanced diet, that doesn’t disappoint. If your dog loves turkey flavor, you cannot go wrong with Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe. Between the ages of 17 and 24 weeks, feed your puppy 3 times per day, and from 25 weeks old, feed your dog twice per day. Two meals per day also prevent begging by your dog between meals.

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Any of the ingredients we included in our above recipes can be a great addition to dog food. Some good choices include turkey, chicken, fish, chickpeas, brown rice, carrots, cod liver oil, peas, spinach, eggs, and cranberries. A proper raw dog food recipe includes anywhere between 10% and 30% organs.


But when done correctly, raw dog food recipes can be a healthy and beneficial dietary change for your dog. High-fat commercial foods that would produce the same effect are available, she notes, without the risk of an unbalanced diet. Supplements can also be used as an alternative to increasing fat in the diet. Additionally, Darwin’s adheres to the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ standards on cat food nutrient requirements. Recipes are formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists to ensure that each meal is nutritionally complete, balanced and meets the guidelines of AAFCO for feline nutrition. All raw meals from Darwin’s are minimally processed, meaning they’re packed with vital nutrients and natural vitamins.

Their water requirements will decrease due to the abundance of natural fluid within raw food. Though it may initially seem that your dog has gone off drinking, rest assured this is all perfectly natural. In our Mythbuster dog podcast series, Rowan, our Chief Nutritional Officer, interviews industry experts to discuss the most common myths. Offal or organ meats are the internal organs and stomach contents of an animal. To keep this simple, if you are sourcing your protein from reputable providers, then you should be feeding these to your dog. If you feed your dog a diet it has not evolved to eat, they will find the food more difficult to digest.

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That said, if you know the source of your meats, and buy USDA certified organic and prepare it correctly, the chances of contamination are very low. That’s why people love it – you buy it and you pour it into your dog’s food bowl. There are many recipes out there, but not all of them are safe or appropriate for all dogs. They can also be more costly, especially if shopping for fresh meat at your local butcher’s shop. “For most animals, it’s more beneficial than processed foods,” says Doug Knueven, DVM, of the Beaver Animal Clinic in Beaver, Pa.

  • Pawrents especially love how convenient to feed and portable it is, allowing you to bring your raw diet on the road if needed.
  • The limited number of studies are out there show that wolves were scavengers, predatory yes, but scavengers who preyed on a wide variety of meat, and wherever available, fish and seafood.
  • Before we ask more about the cons of feeding raw dog food, we wanted to ask Sue about her experiences with dog owners who might have fed raw before and stopped.
  • We created a Feeding Calculator to make this much easier.
  • These force the liver and kidneys to work unnaturally hard.
  • Also, like most of our favorite raw diets, this one features not only high-quality meats, but fruits and veggies too.

Another bummer is taste, with some pickier dogs turning their nose up to the flavor. Providing the best of both worlds, Instinct Raw Boost is made with traditional kibble and freeze-dried raw bits, making it an excellent “starter” option for owners new to raw foods. Because of the complicated processes involved in raw food preparation, these foods are often pricey — but Northwest Naturals is one of the most affordable options around. However, many owners find these risks acceptable and love the considerable upside raw foods can provide. Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, Primal’s freeze-dried formula comes in a range of protein choices with the option of either nuggets for regular meals or in treat form. Experience the pleasure of knowing you made the best decision in changing your dog’s diet.

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Australian-made and owned 100% natural BARF dog food that you can buy online for home delivery. Buy the absolute highest quality dog and puppy food from our online store. We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra and regional areas of NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT. She told us it doesn’t happen very often these days but added that could be because raw dog food is a much better quality these days.

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