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Top 10 Best Eco Friendly Dog Toys – pets blog

Top 10 Best Eco Friendly Dog Toys

If you’ve ever smelled a dog’s breath, then you’ll know exactly why we love Dirty Dog Mouth, a luxury dog toothpaste from Best Friend Beauty. You won’t find any harsh chemicals or preservatives here, just good ol’ natural and vegan ingredients—like vanilla bean and coconut oil—to help whiten teeth and keep breath fresh. With a line of organic products available for both pup and person, Dirty Dog Mouth makes living a more sustainable lifestyle possible.

Second to those are recycled plastics, as long as they’re BPA-free. Outward Hound makes a number of dog toys and accessories but its Naturals line of pet toys is where to find most of its eco-friendly options. These toys are made from natural materials like wood, hemp, and sustainably-sourced rubber. Many of Woolyz toys are perfect for fetch, gentle tugging, or snuggling, but they are not the most durable of toys. If your dog is a big chewer, it might make quick work of the toy. Is the toy made from recycled material (e.g., recyclable plastic, recycled milk bottles), organic materials , or certified sustainable materials ?

Fast-growing bamboo that requires no fertilizer or replanting is excellent for chew toys. And jute, with its ease of growth, is a wonderfully sustainable fiber that can be woven into durable dog toys that will last. We love that this rope toy is made with eco-friendly, and FDA-approved recycled water bottle parts that will help deliver that crinkling, crackling sound that pups love. The exterior of this toy is made out of 100% organic cotton fibers braided into a rope. It is even dyed with vegetable based dyes instead of toxic chemicals so you can feel good about your pup chewing on this toy all day long. IT is made out of all-natural leather wool and is stitched with organic cotton jute rope.

The best Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable Dog Toys

Otter® are a small Wyoming start-up and the hemp rope toy is their first product to launch. As one of the best eco-friendly pet products made in the USA from sustainable materials, I’m keen for folks to support this company. Would you seriously walk a dog without bringing some goodies along? Eco-friendly toys are a new trend in the pet industry, and there are a bazillion types to choose from. If your pup is the squeaky toy type, choose a recycled plastic squeaker. Many pet beds and accessories are made from harmful and synthetic materials so shop around to find safe and non-toxic alternatives.

Ware Of The Dog

The Zogoflex Hurley may look like a simple toy but that simplicity is what makes it most effective. Great for tugging or playing fetch, this recycled rubber-like toy is actually made from West Paw’s patented Zogoflex material. The added benefit of this being that the Hurley can be recycled once your dog has chewed it down to a nub. West Paw will even help facilitate this with its “Join the Loop” program.

  • For our HETOO review, we love that this toy is not only fun for pups, but that it features ribs and designs that will help get into the crevices of your pup’s teeth.
  • They are strong, durable, and will last for years before breaking down.
  • Degradable Poo Bags – These unscented BECO poo bags are biodegradable, even having a recycled cardboard core, and will break down once disposed of.
  • For food bowls, opt for materials such as bamboo, ceramic, or stainless steel.
  • This Paw Toys Squeaker Toy is made entirely out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, including natural leather, coconut fibers and Jute rope.

This definition could be applied to a number of different products, including textile-based toys that are produced from organically grown materials, as well as toys made from sustainable materials. Non-toxic refers to dog toys that don’t have anything poisonous or noxious in them. We’d like to think that all dog toys on the market meet this criterion, but unfortunately, some toys have been discovered to contain lead and other harmful chemicals. Simply put, the Woolyz Giraffe isn’t durable enough for aggressive chewers — it may not even hold up well for moderate chewers.

Regenerated Cotton

But as you’ve no doubt learned by now, that’s a common problem that is an issue with almost every dog toy, whether they’re made from eco-friendly materials or not. The Beco Ball is another product that doesn’t have a ton of reviews, but most owners who tried it were happy with their purchase. It appears to work equally well as a fetch toy or solo boredom buster, and several owners were very happy with the way it holds treats. The Blue Owl features an organic canvas exterior, which many dogs enjoy chewing, and it also includes a squeaker to help keep your pooch interested. Tie a knot in an old towel for an easy (and free!) tug toy — but check it regularly to make sure there are no loose ends or bits that could come off and be swallowed.

Its rugged fibers act as a natural toothbrush, keeping dogs’ teeth clean while they chew. The unique item features eco-friendly and sustainable hemp, making it ideal for the planet and your doggie’s health. Beco Pets have made the world’s first rice husk and natural rubber dog toys and are a UK company that gives back to the community, donating a portion of profits to various animal charities. The Beco Chew Ball and BecoBone products are tough and strong, free from toxic chemicals, and have a slight vanilla scent. All of Ware of the Dog’s eco friendly natural dog toys are made with either 100% recycled cotton t-shirt yarn, 100% organic cotton, or lambswool. That means they’re swallow-safe and fully compostable, down to the OEKO-TEX Certified non-toxic natural Swiss dyes.

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The perks of using this is that it’s resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms. PET or pet resin is used as a moisture barrier in bottling and packaging and is also sometimes made into an engineering plastic when added to glass fiber or carbon nanotubes to increase PET’s strength. While colorless and taking on the form of a semi-crystalline, it forms an effective barrier against water.

Crinkly jack-o-lantern basket encourages problem solving as your dog wiggles the treats free. It’s also biodegradable and the Otter® Hemp Rope Dog Toy comes in eco-friendly packaging made with 100% recycled, 50%+ post-consumer waste. Otter® also use printing inks produced from renewable resources such as soybeans and other vegetables. These bright orange tennis balls are made from natural rubber with just the right amount of bounce. What’s more, these simple dog toys come in a reusable mesh bag—handy for storage or transport.

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