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The Scoop On Dog Poop – pets blog

The Scoop On Dog Poop

Symptom changes should be reported as soon as they occur so that medication can be adjusted. All dogs with Addison’s need additional glucocorticoids during times of stress, injury, or illness. What constitutes stress will vary from one dog to another. Stress can be physiological, such as a medical procedure, injury, or even a particularly active play session. Stress can also be emotional, such as from a move, the loss of a human or animal companion, thunderstorms, fireworks, a visit to the vet’s office, or anything that disrupts familiar routines. Dogs on Percorten-V require glucocorticoid supplements, such as prednisone, in addition to their monthly injections.

best Dog Hair Dyes: Giving Your Pup Some Flair!

Why go with a traditional name like Rosie when you could name your dog Rosé? Scientifically speaking, a nebula is an interstellar gas or dust cloud, and all dog owners are familiar with the clouds of gas and hair-dust our pups leave in their wakes. Lulu is an adorable name for a girl dog, especially a breed with some French flair like a Poodle or Papillon. If your little girl has that certain je ne sais quoi, Lulu may be a perfect match. A cute and feisty name of French origin, Gigi makes a great name for a girl dog with some sass.

How Can Dog Shampoos Help In Case Of Itching?

Some of those might include formaldehyde, bleach, sodium sulfide, and glue. Dehydration is going to be the most significant obstacle when combating viruses or parasites, so we recommend Pedialyte. Isn’t that the same drink that people give to children when they have the flu?

What hair dyes are safe for dogs?

OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye is safe and non-toxic. This permanent dye can last for around 20 washes, so plan your work carefully in advance. For more coloring options, see our Semi-Permanent Hair Dye.

In other words, they don’t see “eye-to-eye” on this issue. As for dog-to-dog transfer of pink eye; just like their two-legged friends, canine conjunctivitis is generally believed to be contagious between dogs. Dogs, like humans, can spread pink eye when they come in contact with infected secretions that contain the bacteria or virus causing conjunctivitis. Also, if you see your dog consistently pawing at his eyes, that probably warrants a trip to the vet to rule out pink eye or some other problem. If you suspect that your dog may have pink eye, it is important that a veterinarian conduct a complete eye exam to rule out other eye disease as well as properly check for conjunctivitis.

Liver And White Shih Tzu

“Another added bonus is that brewer’s yeast also helps boost the flavor of your dog’s food,” says Frione. Monica Segal is a reliable e-retailer of Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements that contain no sucrose, lactose, artificial color, preservatives, yeast, wheat, rice or soy. For more information on dogs and probiotics, check out the probiotics primer on dogfoodproject.com. Some nutritionists suggest buying only refrigerated supplements, since the shelved strains may be dead by the time you get them home. Four self-education steps that will help you map this molecular jungle, and safely separate the fish oil from the snake oil. My Great Dane was put on a steroid twice a day for the irritation from ear mites.

Can Dog see in the dark?

In the anatomical structure of the eye, the retina has light-sensitive cells, called rods, which help an animal or human see in low light. Dogs have more of these rods than we do. So, dogs can see in the dark, and other low-light situations, better than humans.

Oligodontia is a condition in which only a few teeth are present. Misaligned teeth can also occur and cause lots of problems, but can usually be corrected with braces or extractions. (Yes, dogs can get braces!) We want to keep your buddy’s teeth healthy, so we will be watching his developing teeth closely.

Even if there is a small trace of another color, the dog will then be considered to have a combination of two colors. All Shih Tzu dogs that have black hair will also have black noses. You will never see a Shih Tzu that is all black with a brown nose. This practice comes from the idea that ancient dogs ate plenty of bones.

  • Hercules would make a great name for a strong, athletic, brave boy dog – especially a rescue who has endured many hardships in his life and only grown stronger.
  • One hour later, the blood cortisol level is measured again.
  • “The compounded version is much more cost-effective for larger dogs than brand-name Florinef,” says Schultz, who participates in online forums for canine Addison’s.
  • Nutritional support does play a role in supporting your pup’s skin health.

Several treatment options are available, and the prognosis is good once the hairs have been permanently removed. A Maltese typically weighs 2 to 8 pounds and has a beautiful long and silky coat. Although small, they do require regular exercise and tend to be quite playful even when indoors.


We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Maltese. By knowing about health concerns specific to Maltese, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks. Cancer is a leading cause of death among dogs in their golden years. Your Rough Collie is a bit more prone to certain kinds of cancer starting at a younger age.

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