The Importance Of Winter Grooming

They offer three standard colors, but you get an additional two options if you want a custom coat. They offer five sizes for each breed-specific coat, but they’ll also custom-make a coat to your dog’s needs. You like the idea of a reversible winter dog coat, but you’d like both sides to remain soft against your dog’s body. You still get the option of two colors, but they’re each padded cotton for comfy insulation.

If your coat is too tight in the arms or across the chest, you’re going to have a hard time with your simple daily routine. If you can do the hug but the coat feels a bit tight through the elbows or in the shoulders, it would be a good idea to try on the next size up.

The Alaskan malamute was also bred to work as a sled dog and looks similar to the Siberian husky, although the breed is typically bigger and heavier. The Alaskan malamute is one of the oldest Arctic dog breeds and has a heavy, long coat and is perfectly adapted for life in a climate where the winters are extreme. When you’re walking in the snow, ice and salt can accumulate between your dog’s toes, causing discomfort. You can protect your dog’s paws by outfitting him with a set of snow-proof dog boots.

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Try your best to keep exercise and daily walks the same as when the weather was warmer. Sometimes, an owner will properly dress up their dog with a coat, hat and boots but will fail to do this for themselves. This can a cause a situation where the dog is very willing to be active, but an owner will not want to remain outside. So, go ahead and put on that super warm hat, ear muffs, scarf, gloves, coat, and boots. When both you and your Yorkie are dressed properly, you can both enjoy being outside without feeling cold and this can make for some very enjoyable daily walks.

12 best Dog Winter Coats: Keeping Your Canine Warm This Winter!

No one wants to wrestle their four-legged friend into a dog raincoat. So, this Dociote pick makes slipping it on and off easy, thanks to a hedging design that doesn’t require dogs to raise their legs — there’s also an adjustable chest strap. There’s also an adjustable chest strap, foot bands, and an adjustable hood complete with a clear shield (aww!). It includes a reflective strip, can be machine washed and, of course, twill make your canine look super cute.

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These designs, which can be either entirely or partially reflective, reflect light as you walk in dim conditions, which is especially important for road safety. Dogs with double coats can actually overheat if you layer on too much, as their undercoat is already designed to keep them warm in the winter. If you’re considering buying a dog coat for a pup who has a lot of hair, pay attention to the fabric, coverage, and insulation of the coat — and, of course, their reaction to it. Well-insulated and durable, it’s easy to put on a variety of dog shapes, and it stays in place.

  • We have 15 winter care tips to keep in mind as you explore the winter landscape with your faithful four-legged friend.
  • This puffer has a hole in the back for a leash or a harness hookup.
  • For example, it could be challenging trying to keep a chihuahua or greyhound snug.
  • Choosing to take on a pet is a big decision, particularly if you haven’t been a pet parent to that particular type of animal before.
  • The jacket is reversible with one side being solid black and other patterned in a stylish and fashionable way.

As with the Powder Hound, this model’s zipper doesn’t allow for as broad a fit range as the other coats we tested, and you may have to size up. The Ruffwear Powder Hound isn’t a bad jacket, but in our tests it didn’t have the same insulation or waterproofing prowess as any of our picks. It starts to absorb water after a short period in wet weather. Because it secures via a zipper and has no adjustable connections, broader dogs may need to size up from what the measurements recommend for a comfortable fit. However, the Summit Parka stays so secure on the dog that the inner layer never got wet during our testing, even when we hosed our dogs down at full blast. You shouldn’t take this coat swimming, but for rainy weather, the Summit Parka will keep most of your dog very, very dry.

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If you do decide to grab it for a good price, you should know that it doesn’t cover as much of a dog as our other picks and is more prone to coming off in rough play. Even so, it’s sufficiently warm, waterproof, and durable for basic walks and short outdoor sessions. Dogs come in many shapes, and coats may fit differently even on dogs that wear the same size.

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