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The Gentle Leader – pets blog

The Gentle Leader

But, they aren’t inherently as cruel as other punishment-based methods people may use to try and stop their dogs from pulling on the leash. Evidence from studies suggests that positive reinforcement methods are the most effective at training permanent skills. It won’t stop your dog from picking things up on walks, and it won’t stop them from opening their mouths when wearing the collar. Whilst the fit of the collar itself might not be uncomfortable for your dog when standing still, this pressure when walking is most likely very uncomfortable.

Several popular celebrity trainers use slip leashes as a training method and tool, to “correct” dogs by jerking and pulling on the leash whenever they pull or do “bad behaviour”. Imagine if you had a head halter placed around your neck. What would it feel like in your neck and spine when you pull forward and the pressure of the halter pulls you to one side with no warning? What would happen if you were wearing a halter while running and suddenly got snapped back? Do you know the jolting pain of miscalculating a step while going up or down stairs? This is how your dog feels when they pull forward and are sharply snapped to one side when wearing a head halter.

Don’t walk your dogs right before or after they eat.
Apply similar rules to your dogs: Wait 30 minutes after a walk to feed them and at least an hour after feeding to walk them. Dogs who exercise before or after eating can develop bloat.

Let’s break down the most efficient halters on the market now so you can find the right one the easy way. You won’t need any kind of static shock or prongs to get the job done, just a simple halter at a very keen price.

How To Properly Fit Your Dog’s Harness

Since it is made from real leather, the leash is very stylish, but it also means that it only comes in one color. However, this leash would not hold up well in time, although I didn’t get the chance to use it long enough to prove it. Another thing that you should include is reflective stitching, but it doesn’t, so don’t use this product in low-light conditions unless you choose a very bright color. This is one of the best shock-resistant leashes on the market. This leash can reduce pulling and keep you safe from related injuries.

  • This is the medium version of the collar and it makes a smooth fit for pups between 25 and 60 pounds.
  • In a study of 400 dogs, 79% of those deemed aggressive had back problems, while 69% of the shy and wary dogs had back problems.
  • The problem with just using the collar is that Luna pulled it right over Raven’s head.
  • What would it feel like in your neck and spine when you pull forward and the pressure of the halter pulls you to one side with no warning?
  • The leash is made of a thick nylon rope with elastic leather joints.

For those of you with some dog behavior training, you probably noticed that Glia does freeze up slightly when I clip the Gentle Leader behind her head. She also does a couple of potential stress licks and half look-always after the Gentle Leader is on. This means, that we still have some progress we could make in how comfortable Glia is with having the Gentle Leader put on.

The 12 Best Dog Head Halters

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Informative article however the breed of dog 🐕 may be of importance. I have two labradoodles routine is everything to them. If I walk them every day or every other day it goes smoothly. If they get distracted or start jumping I cross the street. That’s why letting them loose in the backyard does’t work for these two. She has had it for about a year now, and wont listen to me unless she has it on.

The theory behind the utility of head halters is that if you have control of the head, you have control of the body. The head collar generally consists of two loops, one behind the ears and the other over the nose. This tool generally makes it more difficult for the dog to pull on its leash. This is a management tool only, it does not train the dog not to pull.

best Dog Head Halters: A Method For Pull-Free Walking

The main leash is still attached to a front clip harness. When you graduate to using the hh leash, you walk in areas with very low to no distractions, so you set up your dog for success, then you increase distractions. Of course, this goes hand in hand with teaching the dog to pay attention to you, stay in his reward zone, that is right next to you, and check on you frequently. A better alternative to the halters you mention, presuming a halter is the best choice for a particular dog, is the K-9 Bridle. I have used these when the dog does not do well on other types of training collars. The Martingale-style neck loop and the loop around the upper muzzle of the dog below the eyes is designed and functions to minimize the types of injuries identified with other types of halters.


Designed for pups with a inch chest girth, this harness for dogs comes in four color options and can effectively prevent pulling and choking. Thanks to the buckle construction, it is both very easy to put on and off the dog and highly secure. Fit/Comfort – The only reason I give the Gentle Leader a four here is due to the fact that most dogs need to be trained to wear the Gentle Leader. Without some training, the first few walks with a Gentle Leader mostly consistent of the dog attempting to scrape the Gentle Leader off of their face. Once acclimatized, I find this product to fit most dogs very well.

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