The Dog Food Container

The quick spin lid airtight the seal and also make your rooms, pantries, and closets free from pet food odor. Now, with simplehuman large airtight food container it become easier than ever to store your pet’s food elegantly and safe from pests. It not only provides freshness to your food but also locks the food odor in. Snap-tight latches confirms the lid shuts tightly, yet its wide lid offers an easy access for scooping dry pet food.

Just as with people food, when dog food is exposed to open air and other elements it tends to dry out and become stale. Keep your dog’s food fresher longer with these innovative storage options, designed to make dog food last. The moment you open your pup’s bag of food, the clock starts ticking. Exposure to air, light, heat and humidity leads to the degradation of dog kibble, with more air and light, and higher heat and humidity levels, speeding up the process. As food degrades, it hardens and loses flavor, making your pet’s mealtime less enjoyable. And the kibble also loses nutritional value, so your dog will be getting fewer nutrients he needs to thrive.

Oxo Storage Pet Food Container

People in humid climates should also choose airtight dog food storage containers to keep unwanted moisture out of their dog’s food. Stackable dog food containers offer a major advantage that other types of containers do not. Since you can stack them on top of one another, you can store lots of different types of food. This is perfect for the family that has lots of dogs and cats that may enjoy several different types of food. Stackable containers allow you to take up very little storage space while still dividing your dog and cat food up into different bins that you can then open when you need to refill food dishes. Many plastic dry dog food containers are stackable, even the ones that are made to fit different capacities.

dog food container

This package deal comes with a 33-quart container, a 12-quart container, and a 2-cup scoop. Both containers are designed to be totally airtight, keeping humidity, moisture, and pests. The material it’s made from is also FDA compliant, and free of harmful chemicals like BPAs. The containers are made with BPA and Acid free plastic, meaning that they are safe to house your dog’s food. What’s more, the sleek and efficient design is available in seven different color combinations, making it incredibly easy to make the dog food container mesh with your home’s aesthetic.

Melamine Dog & Cat Food Scoop With Bamboo Handle, 1 Cup

It is available in four sizes, the largest of which holds 50 pounds max volume. Additionally, the larger sizes come on wheels to ensure easy movement. The vault closure is a great airtight system, and the heavy duty plastic doubly ensures that no moisture or unwanted visitors will get into your dog’s food supply.

  • Its ergonomically designed large handles locks the lid close to prevents the pets from opening the lid and definitely forms an airtight seal, keeping the food fresh.
  • It is made from a lead-free, BPA-free food grade plastic, and is safe for pets and humans.
  • These have been selected so that you can have a choice between the most durable and fully-featured dog food containers and the ones that are the most budget friendly.
  • This high-capacity dog food container is the perfect combination of style and function.

Tight fitting lids keep an airtight environment and prevent pests. The Amici Pet Zentangle Pet Food Large Metal Storage Bin is a stylish food storage bin. The contemporary paw design means you don’t have to hide the bin in a closet or pantry. The Morezi Dog Treat and Food Storage Tin is a great way to keep your dogs food fresh. It can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth and drying completely.

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Dog Food Container

Here are 3 more top rated containers that didn’t quite make it to our favorites, but that are still great options. Ideal for small dogs or as a travel container, this 3.5-pound storage bin comes with its own measuring cup to make dispensing the right amount of food easier. This airtight travel container keeps food fresh while you’re away from home and holds up to six cups at a time. If you have a small dog, larger containers might cause the food to go stale or rancid before you’ve finished a batch—even if the container is airtight. On the other hand, households with multiple dogs or larger breeds will need containers large enough to hold enough food for a couple weeks at a time. Do you really want to keep your pet food fresh, dry, and secured?

Apart from interesting and eye-catching design, large airtight storage containers of this company perform its functions for 100%. Instead of buying one massive bag of dog food, buy multiple smaller bags instead. As long as the bag is still sealed, it will keep longer than it would if it were open. This might seem counterintuitive, but you have to remember that the bags dog food is packaged in are specially designed to minimize spoilage and prolong the shelf life of the product. To close it off, just press out as much air as you can, and roll down the top. It’s not uncommon to open the dog food bag, fill the bowl regularly, and then fold the top down when you’re done.

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