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The 9 Best Dog Foods For Sensitive Stomachs In 2021, According To A Veterinarian – pets blog

The 9 Best Dog Foods For Sensitive Stomachs In 2021, According To A Veterinarian

For many dogs in this situation, the elimination diet is incredibly helpful. Elimination simply means feeding your dog a new, balanced diet of clean, simple foods and seeing how it affects them. If their symptoms disappear, you can slowly add in other foods, one by one, and see how they react.

It is available in a variety of protein types including bison plus venison, boar, lamb, salmon, wildfowl, and venison. Also keep in mind that dogs are very much like humans in that some sources of protein are harder to digest than others. If puddle’s diet is primarily chicken, consider switching to another type of meat, such as beef. The nutritional needs of dogs change with age, the amount of exercise, and other lifestyle habits. Because we all love our dogs, we review several brands of adult dog food and food for puppies too. Feed your dog foods that are low in fats, fibers, and have simple carbohydrates.

Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

We recommend eliminating suspected problem foods one at a time to determine iffood allergiesor sensitivities could be causing your dog’s digestive problems. If you suspect that your dog has a food allergy, you need to stop feeding him the food that contains the offending ingredient. If you’re not sure what that ingredient is, try switching him to an elimination diet.

best Foods for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

With this Basics Limited Ingredients formula, you’re getting food that’s designed with the needs of your pooch uppermost. Although most customers report their dogs being happy with this food, there are several complaints about routine price hikes. If you like the idea of feeding your dog wet food but you’re sick and tired of constantly buying cans at the store, invest in this pack of 24 cans from Royal Canin instead. You should start off by introducing perhaps a quarter-bowl of new food with his existing food. Increase the ratio gradually until he is eating all-new food by the end of the week.

What Is “the Elimination Diet” For Food Allergies?

If your dog cannot digest lactose found in diary products, then it will be passed to their stool in their whole form. Fresh foods, by contrast, use far fewer ingredients and are cooked much gentler, still actually resembling food by the time they reach your dog’s bowl. All ZIWI Peak recipes contain 7% species-appropriate green tripe – a natural probiotic which helps with gut health. To help your dog transition to a new diet comfortably, try the Tripe & Lamb recipe – it contains the highest level of tripe out of all ZIWI Peak recipes.

  • Filler-free kibble with beef as the single animal protein – no corn, wheat, soy, or chicken.
  • You can try eliminating these ingredients one by one to try to target the exact one that your dog is struggling with.
  • This lower calorie and fat dog food still has 18% protein and does a good job at keeping the weight down on less active dogs.
  • This protein-rich crunch kibble is highly-digestible, helping not only your dog’s stomach but also ensuring their stools are smaller and firmer.
  • In such cases, it may make sense to accelerate the pace of the switch.

Owners can be confident that their dog is getting a single protein source and easily digestible carbohydrates, with no unnecessary fillers or additives. This recipe does not contain any grains, corn, wheat, soy, or peas. There is a minimum of 6% protein and 4% fat, with a maximum of 2% fiber in the sweet potato and venison formula. Some owners dislike the smell of this food and the fact that it contains a lot of potato.

Shred the chicken into pieces and mix it will the rest of the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. The good thing about making DIY meals for your dog is that you can make adjustments. If you see some ingredient that you know won’t work for your pup, you can make a substitution – here’s Samantha’s article on how to do this right.

Can you give a dog scrambled eggs?

Dogs should never eat raw or undercooked eggs. Some foods can lose nutrients while they are cooked, but the protein in eggs isn’t. Cooking really helps make them more digestible. So however they are prepared–boiled, scrambled, sunny side up–cooked is best for your dog.

A diet for sensitive dogs should contain no more than 5% crude fiber so as not to overload your dog’s system. Another benefit of this food that most others don’t mention is that it reduces the chance of bladder crystals that lead to urinary tract infections. Your dog’s vet may recommend probiotic supplements, additional testing or a change of diet to fully resolve your pup’s digestive issues. If you find that you’re frequently dealing with GI issues, you may need to make some permanent changes to your dog’s diet. They may recommend checking for allergies or choosing a food better suited for your puppy’s needs. Parasites like intestinal worms can cause digestive issues and lead to malnourishment in dogs.


This was a go-to recipe for dogs recovering from a gastrointestinal infection when I was in veterinary school. The chicken and rice are both easily digestible and gentle on the stomach. There are some excellent commercial products available for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

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