The 8 Best Dog Paw Balms To Soothe, Protect, And Pamper

It can be used as needed or on a weekly basis to prevent cracking, drying, burning and abrasions. Generally, the weather conditions and the lengths of your walk will play a role in determining how and when you should apply this wax. The formula contains vitamin E, which will help to heal wounds while also moisturising your dog’s paws to keep them healthy. Customers with pets prone to cracked paws and noses will love that Fur Goodness Sake balm can be used on both areas of the animal. It’s better to buy a natural dog paw balm rather than one with chemicals.

Rough dog pads are the equivalent of calluses on human feet. They are nature’s way of protecting your dog’s paws against any sort of debris, rocks, and other pointy, edgy things that he might walk across on the ground. Think of them as your dog’s “shoes”. Rough pads are often the result of outside activity.

Immediately reward your dog with a treat or distract them with a toy to keep them from licking the balm off. Rub or dab the balm onto the surface of the paw with clean fingers or gentle cloth. Zinc-responsive dermatosisis a rare disorder that prevents zinc from being absorbed into the body. The most common symptoms are crusty skin lesions around the eyes, mouth, and scrotum and a breadth of additional problems for your dog, from skin abnormalities and digestive issues. Cuts, punctures, and abrasionsare part of life, but untreated they can lead to secondary infections. Make a habit of checking your dog’s paws for blood, foreign objects, and loose flaps of skin when you’re going in or out of the house.

The 3 Best Dog Paw Balms

If your dog is more easy-going and will relax while their paw heals, you can let it air dry. But if your dog plays rough or is constantly licking their paws, you should consider wrapping it up. To test whether or not the ground is too warm for your dog, touch the pavement with the back of your hand for seven seconds, and see if it’s bearable.

  • Hunting, mushing, playing outdoors can all be damaging to your dog’s skin and so the best dog paw balm options are great to protect it from environmental damage.
  • You can choose a paw balm that is hassle-free and easy to apply, as this may help you both to save energy and time.
  • But remember to talk to your vet before making any drastic changes to your dog’s diet.
  • Whether your dog suffers from a genetic condition like hyperkeratosis or they’re affected by dry skin in the winter, the best paw balm for dogs will be of huge help.

To ensure your chosen product moisturizes, opt for something with natural oils or butters that provide that hydration. The formula is 100% organic as well as safe for canines and humans, including dogs of all breeds. The ingredients were specifically chosen to heal damaged paws yet will not hurt your canine if your pup licks the formula. This is less likely due to the smell of lavender and rosemary, an intentional decision. This particular paw balm is safe for your canine to accidentally ingest and it provides defense against the weather in addition to healing.

How To Make Dog Paw Balm At Home?

Check out this paw butter if you’re looking primarily for a paw soother and moisturizer, rather than a heavier wax for protection. If you’re primarily looking for a moisturizer, Burt’s Bees paw and nose lotion is one of the best paw soothers on the market. The lotion is made from a number of moisturizing butters and waxes, and can help repair dry, cracked, or chapped paws.

Do rough paw pads hurt dogs?

These include injuries; skin problems; environmental, parasite, or food allergies; and boredom or anxiety. Occasional paw licking is normal for dogs as a part of their self-grooming process, especially when they come inside after walking on dirty or sandy ground.

Moreover, applying the wax is easy, and it dries quickly as well. Hemptrex Paw Soother & Moisturizer is made with coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax and other natural healing ingredients. It takes seconds to massage hemptrex paw butter into the skin and give your pet a natural paw protection from the environment. The formula contains zero parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances. It’s fragrance-free, safe if ingested, and will leave your pup living its best life!

Protection In Multiple Conditions

I am based in the Pacific Northwest and I never leave home without my dogs. Start out slowly, showing them the container and rewarding for interaction, such as sniffing or nosing. If you notice stains on your carpet or paw prints on the wood floor, that’s a sign that you’re applying too much.

best Dog Paw Balm: Protect Your Pooch’s Paws!

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