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After the all-clear from the vet, command and obedience training is key. People who attend are like me; they want to learn more about activities there that they can continue to do with their dog at home. The camp offers very active sessions such as hiking and lectures about all dog-related topics, as well as hands on activities such as baking for your dog.

A snuffle mat is an interactive work-to-eat dog toy provides entertainment, enrichment, and mental stimulation for dogs as they search, sniff, and snuffle their way to find the hidden treats you place in advance.

Unfortunately, a long coat can be difficult for a lot of cat owners to manage. To prevent these big matts from forming, I recommend brushing daily so you can stop small clumps from becoming large dreadlocks. Cat introductions can be tricky, so time and patience are always the best path forward. It can especially difficult if the cats in question have never been exposed to other cats, especially during their early socialization period of 7-9 weeks of age. If that is the case, or if their previous exposure was not a positive experience, it isn’t necessarily a futile pursuit, but we have to have realistic expectations and goals.

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In this guide, I recommend five of the best snuffle mats for dogs. I’ll also give you some other fun nosework games, so mealtimes are always engaging. In the wild, dogs rely on their sense of smell to forage for food and locate prey. Your pup may have their dinner served up every day, but their raw instincts still compel them to follow their nose to a hard-earned meal. Snuffle mats stimulate your pup’s senses and keep them entertained. In this article, we review five of the best snuffle mats, along with tips for choosing the right option for your dog.

  • Treat your dog to tasty peanut butter by spreading some into its toys.
  • The virtually indestructible, bone-shaped toy is made with ultra-tough rubber that, while not 100 percent chew-proof, is far more durable than others.
  • If the puzzle toy isn’t much of a challenge, your pooch will quickly get bored.
  • Below is our selection of the best toys to keep your dogs busy.
  • Many cats have underlying herpes virus varying in levels of severity that waxes and wanes with or without treatment.
  • Pretty soon, he’ll begin to associate the sound with a yummy reward.

There are effective products with varying levels of protection from parasites and your veterinarian can help guide you in choosing the right one for your cat. This isn’t the most practical solution for us, but it’s a likely reason your cat prefers the great outdoors. You and other FIV+ cats can still live happy, normal lives.

Candy Denim Dog Toy

However, I know some of you are loyal Amazon customers, so I’ve included Amazon links as well. Short training sessions scattered throughout the day are much more effective than longer ones conducted less frequently. Now would be a great time to work on their manners, like sitting for dinner or loose-leash walking.

5 best Snuffle Mats: Bust Doggie Boredom!

Since the breeder isn’t an AKC sanctioned club, she isn’t bound by the rules that we are. My GSD club couldn’t hold a fun match because we were opening up to non-members. Because we held a B Match, we had to use AKC’s rules of judging. This upset a bunch of people with neutered dogs who wanted to enter. Judging by the skill and interest levels of breeder’s clientele, I doubt the would mind — or notice — that it wasn’t a “real” match. Many of the most destructive activities happen when a pet is left alone for hours on end.

You can also set out strategically placed bird feeders for them to watch. This makes the indoors more interactive and visually stimulating. Dogs love special puzzle-type toys such as snuffle mats or treat dispensing balls. A game of fetch with a soft toy can be great fun too, but be careful not to break anything!

For example, don’t match a rowdy dog who likes to roughhouse with a timid dog. Just because he’s friendly, it doesn’t mean all the other visitors are. When left to their own devices, bored dogs will chew furniture and shoes, shred pillows, or even unroll your toilet paper.


If you’ve ever been around a livestock guardian dog breed, whether it be a Great Pyrenees, Spanish Mastiff, or Anatolian Shepherd, you know they’re different from other dogs. We all admit that finding time to stay on top of our pet’s grooming needs can be challenging. Now that spring is here, shedding season has added to our grooming workload.

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