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The 10 Best Dog Toys, According To Our Pups – pets blog

The 10 Best Dog Toys, According To Our Pups

Additionally, giving a dog a toy that they can actually chew on for an extended period stops them from moving on from the inexpensive/destructible toy to your shoes. This toy only comes in a red color but is available in both small and large sizes. Both sizes include a two-pack so you get two chew toys for the price of one. The large sizes and stronger and harder for the power chewer in your home while the small ones are softer and made for a puppy’s sharp teeth. This chewy donut is available in 2 colors is considered ‘virtually indestructible’. It’s the same size as a tennis ball and also very colorful as well.

  • You may have to encourage yours, or choose a different type of food toy.
  • As with all new equipment you introduce to your dog, you might initially find some resistance to treat dispensing toys.
  • The treats are well hidden, so your dog has to work for them and some of the cones require your dog to manually lift them.
  • Our bestselling ebook helps you start and manage your dog breeding adventure from day one.
  • This dog treat dispenser comes with a camera so you can keep an eye on your pooches and even have two way communication with them.

The top twists off for easy refilling, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You can also fit standard treats or kibble into the outer grooves to extend the fun. In addition to the tire, they also make the Bento Ball, which is closed on one side and presents a different challenge. From experience, I can tell you that they won’t hold up to a 70 pound husky bite when liberated from the tire, but they still provide a decent amount of entertainment either way.

The Best Dog Puzzle Toys Review In 2021

The toy is a two-piece adjustable design, with the ability to screw the two pieces tighter or looser, adjusting the size of the treat opening and difficulty level. This is another toy that is easy to clean, as it’s dishwasher safe. These days, most dogs don’t have as much opportunity for movement as they did at the beginning of times.

Is having 2 dogs easier than 1?

KONG toys are made from durable rubber in a variety of formulas and provide dogs an appropriate way to fulfill chewing instincts. Chewing a KONG keeps jaws strong and teeth clean. Prevention is key—teaching dogs acceptable chewing behaviors with KONG helps avoid destructive chewing from the start.

Now imagine leaving your dog alone for good 8 to 10 hours every single day . Even the laziest pooch is bound to get bored after a couple of hours! Providing them with toys while you’re away can help minimize their boredom and decrease feelings of loneliness. The ideal place to set up your dog treat dispensers is in the room they use the most.

Kong Wobbler Toy$19 99

Some toys even have healthy materials which benefit your dog’s teeth. Indestructible toys should be made with non-toxic materials in case your dog ingests some of the material, which they will. The labeling usually contains information on the safety of the product such as FDA approved if in the united states or EFSA approved in Europe. You want to make sure common materials such as BPAs and other rubber and plastic by products are not present which can harm your dog or lead to diseases such as cancer. The benefits of spending a little more on an indestructible dog toy rather than spending less on cheaper toys is actually a significant cost difference in the long run.

Are dogs happier in pairs?

Stuffed Kong
Stuffed Kong’s are mentally stimulating and challenge your dog’s ability to get to the treat. It is also a great way to keep your pet busy when you are at work.

For dog owners looking for durable yet stimulating toys, here are the best dog treat dispenser toys to enhance play time. The opening is adjustable so you can control the difficulty of play. If you have a very bored dog, make it as tricky as possible for play time and then reduce the challenge again for meal times. The base is anti-slip, encouraging your dog to tip it and knock it around to receive treats. It’s not dishwasher safe, but the construction makes it relatively easy to clean, so don’t let that stop you.


Here are some suggestions for how to fill your food distributing toy. Since this round ball rolls freely, it will move around a lot and provide your dog with lots of exercise, as they chase it and the bits of kibble fly out of it. The Twist ‘n Treat is made of a durable natural rubber that will hold up to a fair amount of abuse from your dog and is also fun to bounce around.

9 best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

You need to let your dog play with some toys that will develop its physical strength and ability. Remember that exercising your dog is one way to keep it healthy and prevent it fromgetting obese. Offers the best of all worlds – it works as a treat dispenser, dental cleaning device, and a bouncing rubber ball. It’s capable of holding treats securely inside the toy and challenges your furry friend during playtime while allowing it to indulge in some treats as well. The best thing about this toy is that it floats, which is why it’s also an ideal dog toy to use in the water.


One buyer claims that his wife is able to throw them in the washer without losing their quality. However, some customers have complained about the material not meeting the guidelines for chewing material so use with caution. Some interactive toys require your pup to eat the toy after chewing. For the most part, though, interactive chew toys are chew toy-free. The main fabric used in this toy is felt cloth which is not only environmentally friendly but also easy to clean.

The non-toxic rubber outer layer is designed to not only be safer for pets, but to promote strengthening and cleaning of teeth while in use. Smaller treats and kibble must be used with this ball because the slot for filling is quite small. Among its benefits is its ability to slow down feeding when dispensing treats. These balls are not designed for heavy chewers and they can easily be torn apart by larger dogs. If tug-of-war is your dog’s preferred game, this knotted rope toy by Mammoth is made from durable cotton and polyester yarns that can withstand their pulling. It can also be tossed during a game of fetch or used as a chew toy during solo play time.

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