Hiking The 48 4000
The dog and kid-friendly hike is 4.9 miles up the mountain. The first mile is relatively fast, and flat then the trail turns steep before flattening out
Retractable Bungee Dog Running Waist Leash For Medium To Large Dogs Lanney Hands Free Dog Leash For Running Walking Jogging Training Hiking Dual Handle Adjustable Waist Belt Reflective Stitches Pet Supplies Leashes Rbafamilylaw Com
Pets can become easily distracted and pull away as well, so most of these leashes come with superior shock absorbency to help prevent back and arm strain
10 Best Dog Hiking Backpacks In 2021
Make sure the pack fits properly and securely, following the two-finger rule above. Also, make sure that your dog’s load is distributed evenly so your
5 Best Dog Harnesses For Hiking
Some believe that only big dogs need anti-pull harnesses, but the truth is that a small dog also needs to learn to walk properly on a dog leash.
The Best Gear For Hiking With A Reactive Dog
Using a harness instead of a choke-chain can prevent that choking, hacking effect you may have seen when your dog tries to pull toward a squirrel or another