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If you’re not interested in installing a fence, whether it’s wireless or not, a remote trainer is the thing for you. If you’re not familiar with the concept
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This means that your dog is less likely to find holes in the pet fence, and is more likely to stay safe and sound within the boundaries.
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The key to using a wireless fence safely is, of course, to make sure you follow all the instructions on the system you purchase. Different systems will
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The rubber contacts allow your dog to wear the collar comfortably. This allows you to double-free adjustments and corrections to the size of the static
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These will be necessary if you want to keep your dog away from areas such as a swimming pool, garden, or landscaping. Twisted wire connects smaller inner
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Using a wire is where you really get to customize the shape of your invisible fence. See our article on the different types of double loop layouts for
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For customers who prefer a cost-effective and easy to install fencing device will go for My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System.
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True to its name, this unit is designed to keep your dogs safely contained within a sharply focused radius of 25 to up to 500 meters. It does its job safely
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This is a very critical step because it determines the type of custom shape fence you’ll end up with. The system of a wireless dog fence is composed of
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The distinctive feature of this product is its ability to adapt itself to your boundary layout. It easily fits your pets weighing more than 5 lbs with