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Molle– (Pronounced “Molly”) Is an acronym that signifies “Modular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment”. Simply put, this is the tacticool strappy velcro stuff you find on tactical gear such as military and LEO vests! They are constructed of heavy duty denier nylon woven in very tight rows that is far superior to traditional velcro.

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A number of dog handlers couldn’t get their dog’s heads through the neck hole of the Do Not Disturb/Dog Is Working Dexil Limited Dog Harness. Instead, work through the VA or contact a local service dog organization. Often there is little cost to the veteran; however, there is often a long wait to obtain a professionally trained service dog. You have included a lot of good information here. I want to emphasize that you can’t just go out and buy a vest and say you have a service dog.

Embroidered Dog Vest , Don’t Smell My Butt

You may order replacement parts any time you need them. Support handles are replaceable if the harness is built to accommodate the height you need. Weight and pressure are properly distributed across the dog’s body for optimal performance of physical assistance tasks. Similar to a horse saddle, this harness sits just behind the withers , around the dog’s center of gravity.

Will definitely continue to purchase from active dogs. I am glad that I ordered this vest for my service dog! It fit my dog perfectly and the patch that says “Do Not Pet” has been very helpful!

Netigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness

If you’re unlucky and your dog is between sizes then you might want to give Industrial Puppy a try. A tactical vest is nice because you can attach and customize your vest. The Molle strap passes through the mesh webbing on the vest and secures with a fastening button. Having a d ring will allow you to attach items and a pull strap if needed.

  • I have never been received an inferior product or service from activedogs.
  • I Breed, Raise and Train European Working German Shepherd dogs, You used to be able to just buy an ID Card, pay your $50.00 and bingo, you have a Registered Service Dog!
  • The harness was easy to fit, sew my Assistance Dogs of the West patch on, slip my Certified Service Dog Team cards into slot and go.
  • Mobility, stability, and balance assistance work is physically demanding; a service dog must be in prime physical condition.

If you’re looking for a tactical dog vest this one by OneTigris is hard to beat. I’m not 100 percent positive it’s the exact same vest, but this looks like the vest a lot of Marines had for their service dogs when I was at Wounded Warrior Battalion. Let me cover some of the features that set this vest apart.

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