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Here are a few very important considerations you need to make while shopping in order to get best sticks. These are good alternative dog treats if you want to switch things up for your dog in terms of the flavor. If they have been rejecting smoked, dried and raw options then you might want to try them. The minimal odor feature will also make your life a lot easier as the home and pet owner.

Pros: The Bully Buddy is a durable, easy-to-use, veterinarian-vetted and dog-approved device that secures bully sticks, to prevent dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat. Bow Wow Labs also sells hand sorted and selected bully sticks that are guaranteed to fit tightly in the Bully Buddy.

However, you can find low odor or odor free bully sticks that are washed and dried in a particular way to reduce the natural smell. Pack sizes range from 5 to 50 and while you obviously need to spend out more for a larger pack, it does work out cheaper per bully stick. That said, it’s not by a huge amount per stick so use your discretion.

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They aren’t compromised with growth hormones and other fillers that could be harmful to your pooch. The natural muscle fiber in these bully sticks helps to stimulate the gums and flosses the teeth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup and strengthening your pup’s teeth. According to the majority of reviews that we read, most customers that have used this product are very happy with them. However, some users did say that they weren’t fond of the odor. According to the majority of the bully stick reviews that we read, pet parents are very happy with the product.

  • For dogs, livin’ the good life means a loving human, plenty of food, lots of walks, treats, and of course yummy bones.
  • They are highly digestible, single ingredient dog chew and of excellent quality without any cuts or splits.
  • Make sure to feed these beef sticks as treats and not as a meal replacement.
  • Generally speaking, rawhide is made from the hide or skin of a cow.
  • They are excellent treats and chews for small dogs, pups, and non-aggressive chewers.

Some owners prefer bully sticks to rawhide because they last longer and are more natural. Pizzle sticks for dogs are nutritionally superior and do a better job of cleaning plaque off teeth. Choose long-lasting, chew-friendly treats for your pup with dog bully sticks & chews. Chewy has a chomping good selection of dog chews, including dog bones, rawhide dog chews, dog bully sticks and more. We carry dog bones and chews in a range of sizes to fit big mouths, small ones and everything in between. Made from premium grade grass-fed beef, these are quality bully sticks for dogs.

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The bully sticks are easily digestible and have a high protein and low fat content. Additionally, they are chemical and preservative-free for an all-natural chew. And, since they are long-lasting, these bully sticks are excellent for your dog’s teeth and gums. Remember that treats and chews should only make up 10 percent of your pooch’s daily diet.

best Bully Sticks for Dogs: All-Natural Chews for Your Canine

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