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The box has slip-fit connections for easy construction; therefore no tools are required. The door has two different height settings so you can adjust it for your breed. It also has no flooring so you can place it on any surface or material. A rough estimate is four of your dog’s breed should be able to lie down in the box snuggly. Their average breed size should also be considered as the more puppies produced, the more room you will need for the whelping box.

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Birthing rails prevent the mother from sitting on the puppies, the area is more secluded for her privacy and it is easier to maintain heat in the area. Check what buyers regularly buy alongside the whelping box by scrolling down the page. You will, however, be able to find dog birthing set and breeding sets which may contain beneficial items for your whelping box.

What Should I Do If My Dog Isnt Giving Birth?

Dog kennels can also be a great whelping box alternative for small dogs. Plastic kennels often allow you to separate the top and bottom, leaving the bottom of the kennel as the whelping area. Let’s dive into some of the best ways to size your dog’s whelping box. Your dog will have a safe zone to bring them comfort throughout the birthing process. If you have an expecting canine mother in your life, you may begin to wonder if she really needs a whelping box. Provide warmth to your pup after birth by rubbing with a dry towel.

We suggest that you measure the rectangular space occupied by your bitch when she is lying down, fully stretched out. Remember to add an additional 4 inches on each side if you will be using rails. This is a sample of another human-grade moisture-wicking bed pad. These are commonly used on hospital beds for keeping small areas clean and dry. These, too, can be purchased online or from any medical supply store.

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Check each puppy to know whether all the pups are breathing correctly. If you follow all the essential tips, then you can enjoy the company of your pet along with her cute babies that will provide you joyful and pleasant moments. Make use of pup rails to save your puppies from crushing by their mother. If you plan ahead, you can check out the websites of some major manufacturers of high-quality whelping boxes to see if they have sales. Canine Whelping Box, Lakeside Products , Jonart and EZWhelp can have sales or offer discounts on open-box or returned items. The smaller the dog, the easier it is to come up with an inexpensive whelping box.

  • Also includes a 360-degree puppy protector rail (“pig rail”) to keep your puppies safe and secure.
  • The whelping box must be placed in a private and low traffic room in your house (i.e. calm and quiet with no kids, animals, or excitement).
  • I found an elevated dog bed alongside the whelping box worked well.
  • The amazing MagnaBox Whelping Box makes the perfect solution for professional dog breeders and careful occasional breeders.
  • For example, if your dog requires a 40 inch crate, it’s best to offer a whelping box with inches on each side.

If you can’t find one, you still have some inexpensive alternatives. The whelping box should be large enough for your dog to lie down and stretch out. There should also be enough space that she has room to turn around without stepping on a puppy and lie down to nurse the puppies easily. If the box is too big, a puppy can get pushed away from the mother and become chilled. Attach the rail – if using plastic, glue one side of the plastic trim to the side of the whelping box around 4 inches from the base.

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If she is reluctant to use the box, remember back to your socialization days. Use positive reinforcement and create a positive association for her to using the box. If Mom rolls over during labor or nursing, she will hit the rail or the plastic piping, preventing any puppy getting stuck in the corner and crushed. There is usually an entrance/exit on one side – this can sometimes be a half door or a full door, depending on the size of the Mother.

Some boxes can come with added features such as cooling fans or heat mats to make sure your bitch and puppies are feeling happy and healthy. These features may be more expensive as they are luxury, but can be beneficial, especially if you live in extreme temperature areas such as Alaska or Florida. New-born do not move a lot and have not yet opened their eyes. But very soon they will be starting to move around and can cause trouble.

You’ll also need a table saw, drill press, router, screwdriver and drill with several bits. A hard-sided plastic kiddie pool usually costs less than twenty dollars, and you can get them in several sizes. However, just as with appliance boxes, the problem with the kiddie pool is that the sides will not be high enough to keep the puppies in as they get bigger. There are newer types of kiddie pools made just for dogs that have higher sides. Another option for larger dog breeds is to use a water trough, which has higher sides. They’re much more expensive but very sturdy and can be reused for whelping as well as an outdoor pool or bathing area for your dogs.

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