Please Don’t Panic About The Grain

Are you feeding your dog this food because it’s the onlydiet you have been able to find that does not trigger other health problems in that dog? If so, continue feeding the diet, but carefully monitor your dog for any hint of signs of DCM. Also, discuss possible alternative diets and/or a blood test for taurine levels, with your veterinarian. For example, it would appear that a food that lists its ingredients as “Chicken, peas, pea protein, pea fiber…” contains more chicken than any other single ingredient. But if you added up the total amount of pea-based ingredients, they would surely outweigh the chicken.

best Dog Pill Pockets: Mess-Free Medication For Your Mutt

So, we are planning to get his left knee done at the beginning of March and the right one when his left one has healed. Apparently his knees have been deteriorating for some time but as Staffies are so stoic, he wasn’t showing any signs. I’m not looking forward to the 8-12 weeks post op but he’ll be in good hands. But, those lumps they removed were precursors to a common type of dog cancer that you may have never heard of called hemangiosarcoma. It was tied to the lumps we that I mentioned were cut out during his TPLO surgery. They were also growing inside of him and we didn’t know until one on his spleen ruptured years later.

Beonebreed Bamboo Tray With White Dog Bowls

We tested the lavender scent and found it overwhelming and nauseating, so we definitely don’t recommend it. Even among compostable dog poop bags, you can find better choices. You make some noteworthy trade-offs for the utility of the handles, though. The bags come folded in a box, so they lack the convenience of a dispenser; you’ll have to grab a handful and hope they’re enough for your walk.

  • By then I had gone to crate feeding, so I just dropped the pills in with the kibble & they disappeared with the speed of summer lightening.
  • “There are so many fun videos online about how to get your dog really tired and it’s a great opportunity to teach ‘drop’ as part of that game,” said Wyman.
  • I’m hopeful these will make life easier for both of us now.
  • My goal is to give you a dog owner’s perspective of what TPLO surgery recovery was like to help you navigate it and feel better about choosing it as a solution.

We read this just before we brought our Cane Corso Xena in for her TPLO surgery. It helped us to understand what to expect. Well it is now going on week two and so far everything has been the same. Our girl is a very active 4 year old and has never been crated. So we had to isolate her to a back room of our home and we have been taking turns sleeping with her at night. She has been putting more pressure on the leg but also holds it up when standing still.

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Inserted the gel caps in raw small, to avoid chewing, chopped steak meatballs. I think the dog even looked forward to the meatballs. My dog was prescribed Tramadol for post surgical pain when she had a half mammary strip.

The biggest thing is to not get uptight about it and just do it! I think this is a more effective way than trying to hide it in food. I tried that, they got suspicious and then would not eat it and became difficult. Getting their meds is probably the easiest part of our day. Grind up a pill in her dinner or even just try to hide it in her dinner and she won’t eat. Smear it with peanut butter and somehow she manages to lick all the peanut butter off the pill and spit out the pill.

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