Digestive aids like pumpkin and ginger make this lightly dried food even easier to digest together with gently air-dried fruits and vegetables that are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. With pet parents being more in tune with what their dogs need nutritionally, it only makes sense to understand what’s really in your dog’s food today. I know how much better I feel when I eat whole non processed foods. Also, if you have ever smelled a truly awful dog fart, you have a small inkling of what is going on in your dog’s stomach. It’s great for dogs with allergies, and you know exactly what your pup is eating.

The best Freeze-Dried Dog Food: The Benefits of Dehydrated Food!

When you do so, you will see that on a dry matter basis, these foods are still high in fat and protein. We regard these freeze-dried dog food products as our “ace in the hole” when nursing sick foster puppies back to health. When a pup won’t eat even canned food or formula, often they will eat a few bits of rehydrated freeze-dried foods. All of these products are formulated to be complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages.

The Benefits Of Freeze

Freeze-drying of dog food is usually done by placing food in a vacuum chamber that reduces the temperature of the food. The food is kept in the chambers until its temperature is below freezing, after which it is slowly raised to remove the moisture. The easiest and most convenient way to feed a real raw diet.

Just add some water and the nutrition-packed savory meal is all set for a hearty feast which your dog will never forget. This turkey recipe by Sojos Complete may just be one of thebest freeze-dried food for dogs,especially for pet parents who are looking after adult dogs and we have valid reasons as to why. The entire recipe is grain-free to make the food more protein and vitamin efficient. If you are on the lookout for a raw, nutritious, and delicious treat to add to your dog’s diet plan, then you’ve hit the jackpot with this one.

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If your dog suffers from gum problems, rest assured these will go easy on the gum and prevent further harm. With freeze-dried food, the water removal process known as freeze-drying starts with frozen foods that are kept in place inside large machines to lower the atmospheric pressure surrounding the food. This diverts the solid ice into a gas form, which eventually diffuses from the food.

Is freeze dried safer than raw?

Potential for Bacterial Contamination
A freeze-dried diet has an extremely small-to-no likelihood of bacterial contamination due to the cooking process. A raw diet has the most likelihood for bacterial contamination due to the meat not being cooked.

Water and other liquids were removed from these ingredients. The processing of dehydrated dog treats follows an unusual way that they hold nutrients better than other pet food. Some dog foods are over-processed that they lack the nutrients your pups need. Are you looking for the most expensive way to feed your dog? Probably not – but if price is no object, the freeze-dried dog food products we’ll describe here are very high-quality foods that are extremely shelf-stable . Many are made with organic ingredients; many are made with certified humanely raised and/or grass-fed meats.

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