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Many of these questions I regularly use but you reminded me of some others – the prediction question and overcoming the urge in particular – which I shall revisit. I use the feeding guidelines from Balance It – their recipes give you a suggested daily calorie count for each pet, and the amounts required for one day’s worth of food. Since I don’t have time to cook for Oliver daily, I just multiply out the amount for two weeks at a time.

  • Raised dog food bowls make it loads easier for them at feeding time since the food is at face level.
  • Lots of dog owners get by on management without ever retraining the dog.
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She is a little more playful and energetic, but most of all, I no longer have a picky eater on my hands. I am hoping the dense nutritional content will also help her keep the mast cell issues at bay. When she sees the yellow Sundays box, her eyes get big and she licks her chops. I feel like I am being proactive in my dog’s health and she enjoys every single bite. I love the values of this company and the process they use for making the food. The ingredients are real food of excellent quality and my dog loves the taste.

Caliraw Raw Dog Food

Taste and texture are also pluses, even for picky pups who may dislike freeze-dried raw options, and the recipe includes fruits, vegetables, and nutritional supplements. Buying and storing it differs vastly from traditional kibble, and if you’re planning on preparing your dog’s raw food yourself, there are steps to follow to ensure a balanced diet. However, many owners find these risks acceptable and love the considerable upside raw foods can provide. Raw dog foods certainly aren’t the best choice for all dogs or owners, and they are a bit riskier than standard kibble. The raw food craze has reached a fever pitch in the doggo world.

Just pour it into a bowl and watch your pup devour it. When a veterinarian and an engineer couldn’t find the perfect food for their own dogs, they decided to make it. Finally, an alternative to kibble that’s healthier and tastier, but just as easy. But this study doesn’t appear to have been subject to a peer-review process, nor was it published in a reputable journal. There don’t appear to be any other studies specifically examining the issue or raw diets and longevity in dogs.


This is the only place we know of to buy a truly custom-blended dog diet – no matter what your dog’s specific issue is, you can get a food that’s crafted specifically for her. Additionally, all of Just Food for Dogs recipes – including pre-prepared options – are made with premium ingredients, like chicken thighs, long-grain rice, and assorted fruits and vegetables. And if you don’t require this level of customization, they offer a variety of pre-formulated recipes (including fresh-frozen and shelf-stable versions). #1 Just Food for Dogs — If you want a dog food that’s truly formulated for YOUR pet’s specific needs, there’s no better option. Designed in conjunction with your vet, these custom foods are designed to address your dog’s unique health status and needs.

Can you mix raw with kibble?

Mixing raw and kibble does no harm, short-term or long-term beyond the effects of the kibble itself. Humans have many foods mix all the time: think eating croutons on a fresh salad or a sushi roll that has raw fish and cooked rice.

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