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The only thing I could get him to eat for two days was part of a peanut butter sandwich. Then I found a packet of the dog food I had made in the freezer… one last one left. I thawed it out and held out a tablespoon of it to him and he ate it up! He ate half a bowl of it this evening no problem so I’m making two more batches. One just like the recipe says and one with egg yolks, peas, turkey, spinach, peas, pumpkin and brown rice.

  • The market is flooded with numerous choices, yet Ollie sticks out with a fantastic array of recipes and custom made delivery services.
  • Please consult your veterinarian if you would like to solely feed your dog homemade food.
  • We were able to get 12 days worth of meals for our 22 pound part Fox Terrier.
  • Of turmeric in my dog’ food for joint pain prevention.

After consulting her dogs vet, she came up with this recipe, Aylah licked her bowl clean and neither have looked back! She also has a few alternative recipes on her blog if you like this one and are looking to spice it up. We love the inclusion of fruit here, which we didn’t see much in the recipes we found elsewhere.

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We moved a few years ago to a rural area where good dog food was hard to find and if we could find it the price was twice as high as in the metro city areas. A good friend told me about your food and told me to find it. I just wanted to take a moment just to say thank you for a wonderful product.

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This recipe is wonderful for my Shih tzu! To find out how much to feed look up how many calories are necessary for your dog and her weight. The nutrition information at the bottom of this recipe shows how many calories per cup.

Blue Buffalo Basics: Turkey & Potato

As for cats – they basically eat the same as dogs except I substitute some canned fish to rotate with the turkey ! I’ve also roasted the chicken but I think it was too dry. I use the chicken broth created by the cooking and add enough to moisten the food. You can get small plastic, freezable, microwavable baby food containers on amazon which is what I use because it holds just the right amount for my chihuahua and cat. I’ve made dog food off and on for several years and have researched a lot of recipes. Apparently, a dog’s shorter digestive tract can’t digest brown rice, so white is better.

What meat is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs July 2021Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Adult.
Canidae Pure Small Breed Dog Food.
Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult Dog Food.
Halo Grain Free Small Breed Wet Dog Food.
Diamond Naturals Small Breed Chicken and Rice.
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Small Breed Adult Chicken.

I am cooking his food, chicken & gr beef, but want 2 add vegs. It is very difficult to find any recipes for diabetic dogs, even for treats. Thank you for your recipes, it is soo important to feed a proper diet to our pets. I am constantly looking at ingredients in dog treats. There is always some form of sugar, molasses, cane sugar, etc. Please watch , this will effect your dog later on.

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