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If you’re in the market for dog agility training essentials, we have what you’re looking for. Active Dogs’ wide assortment of dog agility equipment includes clothing, accessories, and training gear. From single agility tunnels, training hurdles and dog agility weave poles to entire dog agility sets, we have options to suit just about any dog.

If that box says you are eligible for free shipping, then the shipping charges that appear at checkout are only for the product that is excluded from free shipping. Northwest Agility makes many of their agility equipment by hand using PVC pipe and in some instances, metal bases. They have economy and professional options for most types of equipment. No matter which competition you plan to participate in, if any, it’s best to begin training your dog with the larger option. If you plan to enter USDAA trials, you can always move to a smaller tire later in the training process.

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The construction is made of durable materials such as a 40 PVC, plywood, and flat paint. This is considered a starter package for beginner-level agility training. Items in the store may be excluded because of weight, box size, or because they must be shipped separately from a different location. If you’re concerned about where to start when gearing up to start agility with your pup, a training book can help.

  • Our Contact equipment is made with aluminum frame work and is adjustable for training.
  • Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment contains six hoops with adjustable height positions that are easy to change.
  • While we do our best to update links often, please note that prices and deals are subject to change.

The North American Dog Agility Association requires the tire jump to have a 20″ to 22″ inner diameter. Treats are a great option for training, but to get your dog used to the gist of an agility course, a clicker can be a successful tool. When paired with treats, clickers help provide positive reinforcement, and act as a communication alternative between you and your dog. During agility practice sessions or events, a water dish is a must-have item for your dog. Proper hydration is key when you’re racing against the clock, and to help your dog feel up-to-par. These collapsible bowls are great for travel and compact for a variety of trips.


You can purchase everything from obstacles to training treats, toys and competition supplies, as well as agility training books and DVDs. There are a series of jumps that your dog will be instructed to go over, and a set of weave poles that you will instruct your dog to wind in and out of. You can also try out dog walks that a pup will run up and down, tunnels, or pause tables that your pup will hop on top of to hold a sit.

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If you happen to go to an event, and your dog is nervous – poop bags are nice to have on hand. The holders fully encircle the tunnel and fasten with two belts, thus enabling the tunnel to be completely stable on the ground. Two special pockets are intended for slipping in and out the sand bags full of filling to facilitate moving the tunnels if need. Dog Agility Shop’s Starter Kit is seventh on the list because the kit is durable, though it isn’t necessarily constructed with the idea of professional, real training in mind. The cost of any item excluded from free shipping is not applied toward the $99 minimum required for free shipping. If the other items in your shopping cart total over $99, however, then you will receive free shipping for those items.

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