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Nail Polish

Aside from the range of colors, the polish also dries quickly, requires just one coat and is chip-resistant. You get a 2-ounce bottle of nail polish remover that is fortified with soybean esters for extra nail moisture and hydration. Your human best friend might want a glass of white wine for her spa day, but your dog best friend could care less about wine. Let’s be honest, most of their dog toys at home are probably chewed to the brittle and soaked in saliva.

Your dog will be fine if he ate just a little bit. The most that could happen is a little upset stomach. As the nail polish is dried it is most likely non-toxic and it will be a non-issue. Unless any obvious symptoms occur like vomiting, there is little to worry about.

Just simply wipe it with water if your fur friend don’t want it. If you want to keep your pupper’s cheer up after a fun day of play, there is nothing better than a spa treatment. We are experts in making your pup feel (& smell) like a true star. Your dog will always be interested in new toys to shake around, especially chew and squeaker toys.

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Schutzhund training dog harnesses of quality material- Strong bite tugs and bite sleeves for training, easy walking dog collars. Groomer reserves the right to stop a service at anytime due to behavioral or health issues that might put the dog or groomer in risk. Once your dog is out of the bath and towel dried, move on to his nails. Clip them but not too short and file them so they don’t get caught on anything as he walks. Have your dog sit or lie down and begin to work his shoulders. Using the tips of your fingers, tap into his muscles with circular motions for a soft gentle massage.

  • If your dog chews on his or her nails, they could ingest some of those toxic chemicals.
  • In contrast to human nail polish, dog nail polish doesn’t contain those harmful ingredients.
  • If your dog has black nails, however, the quick will not be as easily discernible, so be extra careful.
  • Letting them grow too long can lead to health problems like splayfoot, which can cause nerve damage if left unchecked.
  • This highly contagious fungal infection can result in inflammation, scaly patches and hair loss.

This is a good time to end the session—but not before applying styptic powder or corn starch to the bleeding nail tip. Apply a little bit of pressure as you press the powder into the wound to make sure it sticks. If bleeding continues for more than a few minutes, please alert your veterinarian, who can check your dog for clotting disorders.

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However some dogs aren’t comfortable with the noise and sensation of grinding, so may prefer clippers. Nail grinders won’t hurt your dogs, especially if you do it slowly, and quietly, while your pet is calm. Then gently press on each nail and grind it for a few seconds at a time as you take frequent breaks and praise the dog throughout the process. Letting your dog’s nails grow too long can scratch your floors when they get the zoomies, snag carpets and rugs, and of course, scratch their humans. But they also run the risk of breaking off too low, which can lead to infection. Instead, trim your pet’s nails regularly, so they don’t get to that point.

Inner-ear skin is delicate, so allow your vet to demonstrate the proper method for cleaning your dog’s ears check out this video. The wind can also dry out your dog’s eyes, possibly causing irritation and infection. Canine distemper teeth can occur if a dog had distemper as a puppy. Adult teeth can appear looking eroded and can often decay. As damage is permanent, decayed teeth should be removed by a vet.

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