Few Things to Check Out When Buying a Washable Dog Bed

Your dog probably wants to play sometimes, but oftentimes, he just wants to lie and rest especially when he is getting old. Of course, you do not want him to just lie down anywhere. You sure want him to be as comfortable as possible; but you do not want him on your bed, so you made him a dog bed.

Why should you get a washable dog bed?

Days have passed and you smell something stinky. You look around and found out that it is the pet bed that is stinking. You want to immediately throw it into the washing machine, but you can’t because the mattress cannot fit into the machine. This is probably the time to buy him a washable dog bed.

It is a good investment for your dog because he can use it for a long time. You should just know what to inspect when you try to buy one.

How do they work?

All washable dog beds have foams and washable covers. What differentiate them from one another are the materials used as well as the overall convenience of the product. Most dog beds are like real beds: they come separately. Though both of them can be washed, you will still have a hard time cleaning the foam because either it cannot fit in the laundry machine or the foam material isn’t machine washable. If this is the case, then hand wash is your only option.

However, some dog beds are like sleeping bags, the foam is already inside the cover and you can just unzip it when you need it washed. The advantage of this kind of washable dog bed is that it can also be used as your dog’s blanket or as padding whenever your dog wants to rest on chairs or on your bed.

Getting the right washable dog bed

It is important to inspect the fabric used as the cover.

  • A vinyl cover can be an easy-clean dog cover. The stain can just be wiped by a clean cloth and the odor can be removed by a disinfectant spray.
  • A sheepskin washable dog bed on the other hand can be more comfortable than vinyl because of its fur that adds softness to the foam.
  • Cotton with Polyester is also good because it provides a cozy feel and it does not shrink when washed, unlike 100% cotton.

Few things to remember: It can be a one-time purchase if you choose quality over price. Remember that its good quality will not last unless you keep it clean.

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