Iditarod Sled Dog Booties & Waterproof Dog Booties By Mtn Ridge is the iconic spot to find dog boots because that is all we do! Our dog booties keep your dog safe during any weather condition or for any canine medical need. These shoes slip on easily and are then held snug with fuzzy fastener straps that work like velcro, but won’t pinch your dog’s hair.

the best dog boots

They’re constructed for outdoor experiences and are water-resistant to keep your pet’s feet dry and warm. Not only are they excellent for chilly weather, but also for collapses also. They are available to accommodate all of the pups craving an experience. The guideline is that if you can not walk on a surface, neither can your puppy.

Fantastic Zone Waterproof Shoes For Dogs

These rubber soles allow your dog to manage walking like usual on slippery surfaces. It also gives them stability and better traction no matter the terrain. On top of that, since the soles are made from PVC, you can expect durability against wear as well as protection against rough surfaces, sharp objects, rocks, or pebbles. Therefore, whether you have a small dog or a big one, they surely have a size for you.

Made with “synthetic leather uppers and outsoles,” they’re less flexible than our picks , and the structured designed didn’t prevent hotspot issues among our testers. Our largest tester—Jerry the pitbull—also needed the smallest size available, XXS, which meant these boots were too large for our smaller dogs. If you walk your dog where the ground is freezing, scorching, or rough, you may need dog shoes to protect their paws. As the name implies, these have side panels made of soft, often breathable materials. These afford good protection against the elements while offering optimum comfort for your pet’s paws.

Best Dog Boots To Keep Those Paws Safe!

You don’t want to be seen in the street with a dog wearing boots that look like they belong to your grandmother. While you want to protect your dog’s feet from ground water, you don’t want them to feel like they are wearing two plastic bags on their feet. Dog boots will need something to help them stay on, so that they don’t accidentally fall off while your dog is playing, and they don’t decide to take them off.

  • There are a gazillion different booties on the market, but most are not very helpful.
  • An adjustable leg cuff stretches comfortably to help keep debris from falling into the boot and also helps prevent boot slippage.
  • Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots keep your pup’s paws cozy in even the chilliest temperatures.
  • Don’t worry about your dog’s socks getting dirty since they are machine washable.
  • Available in 5 different sizes, you are assured of getting a fitting pair for your pet dog even if your dog is of XXL size.

They’re super soft and they are made from a durable comfortable material that dogs are not going to have a problem with wearing. Each boot has a large circular pad on the bottom that provides excellent grip even on the slippiest of flooring types. They are secured to the foot with a pull strap mechanism and they’re easy to clean too. Hiking boots are designed to be worn when you’re taking a dog on a long trip in the great outdoors that might otherwise be a little bit too tough on their paws.


To be as effective as they can, most dog boots are made from at least a couple of materials. If you choose boots too small for your dog, they could rub his feet. They’re also likely to get damaged more quickly, since his toenails will press firmly against the ends of the boots and could put holes in them. If you walk your dog in areas where he comes into contact with hazards such as thorns or broken glass, boots will help prevent puncture injuries. Thanks to the wide opening, these are easy to put on and take off dogs’ paws. The sole provides plenty of traction so dogs won’t slip or slide.

Reflective material on the top will ensure that your furry best friend is visible in the dark. Based on the reviews that we read, most of the customers who have used these boots are very happy with them. These dog boots are made with fleece inner lining that provides warm as well as comfort to your dogs. Should the ASMPET Dog Boots be used during winter time, you will no longer worry about frostbite happening to your dog.

Xanday Breathable Dog Boots

These are the products we considered that ultimately didn’t make our top 5. If your dog will run off-leash in his new boots, make sure they fit securely enough that they won’t fly off and get lost. The bottom of the boot tends to be made from moulded rubber or PVC, which is hardwearing and waterproof. If your dog doesn’t particularly like having her boots put on, those that slip on are the quickest to get on and off, which you both may find easier.

We do find that sand can get into these boots from the top since there is no cuff. For these reasons, we like these boots for packed ground and rocky terrain, rather than beach or boggy walks. Reflective accents provide nighttime safety, essential for hot summer weather when the cool of night is a preferable time for walking. If you want to keep your dog’s paws safe and cool through the hot summer days, Muttluks Mud Monsters are a great choice. The durable sole has innovative “barefoot” technology, adapting to the shape of your dog’s paws, flexing and moving naturally with every step that she takes. These boots aren’t waterproof, so we use them for very cold conditions when the ground is well-frozen.

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