How To Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers

A blog that talks about dog behavior, solutions to dog behavior problems, and interesting scientific facts about dog behavior. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise with the help of activity monitoring. Ensure your dog will never get lost with a GPS tracker for dogs. offers tips on what to do if your dog’s nails break, especially if the break extends into the quick. Dogs’ nails are comprised of three parts, much like a piece of candy corn!

  • Stay under the reaction threshold and progress slowly through the nails training.
  • Using human clippers can squish the nail, causing pain or injury.
  • How often the nails of a dog need to be trimmed will obviously vary based on several factors.
  • My personal experience with restraining is that it can cause your dog to react more than if you just distract them with a treat or chew.
  • We’d like to help you avoid that – as well as saving a few bucks grooming, and enhancing your relationship with your four-legged kid at the same time.

Moreover, once you’re done cutting, you can soften the skin around the nails with some paw balsam. It’s optional, but can be comforting for your pup. Trim the hair between the paws for perfect results. Fortunately, you can get the quick to recede, but you will need to do frequent mini trimming or grinding sessions.

Anatomy Of Dog Nails

The correct length for dog nails is when they are not touching the ground while they are standing. Get in position with your dog with the clippers around the nail for one second building to 5 seconds. Examples include giving your dog small pea sized bits of cheese, cooked chicken, or soft dog treats. Or, use a chopstick to dole out a small lick of peanut butter as a reward.

Just like human nails, dog nails can be rough and abrasive when they’re freshly cut. But, if you’re worried about your floors or furniture, you can choose to file the nails immediately to round them off. You can also ask one of the veterinary clinic employees to demonstrate how to cut black nails properly.

Dog Nail Trimming Anxiety

As explained by theWashington State University veterinary school, as you cut the nail deeper, you’ll be able to see a grayish-pink oval appear at the top of the cut surface. You may also see a small black dot in the center of the white portion. At this point, you’re getting close to the quick and should stop cutting.

how to trim dog nails

However, most of the dogs are afraid of nail clipping since it makes them uncomfortable. And here is a detailed guide on how to cut dog nails, right from preparing them to cutting their nails and, in the end, soothing them. Most dog owners are concerned about cutting the quick when trimming the nails. It should be well understood that cutting the quick is not dangerous and can happen to professional groomers too. Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent cutting the quick and ways to successfully manage it in case it occurs.

Illustrated Guide To Dog Nail Trimming

Remedy Recovery is another popular styptic powder that works in seconds and does not contain alcohol. However, if you’re new to trimming your dog’s nails, don’t expect to get them all at once! In fact, you may end up waiting a few minutes, or even a whole day, in between nails. My new foster dog, Oshi, is so stinking cute, but he came to me with severely overgrown toenails. All I wanted to do was cuddle this adorable pug, but his long nails scratched me when he tried to scramble into my lap. I needed to do something to get his claws under control, but Oshi was super-sensitive about having his feet handled.

Please note, I am not a certified dog trainer, and I do NOT recommend attempting this if your dog shows extreme fear or aggression. It’s also important to know that if your dog’s nails are too long sometimes they can become discolored (here’s what that means) or their nailbeds can become infected. If either of these things are happening you should consult your vet.

We are trying to avoid a negative response to the trimmer altogether. Sometimes changing the type of nail trimming tool can make a big difference in your dog’s reaction. If you have a dog that has overgrown nails the biggest thing to know is that the quick grows into the nail . If you have a puppy you will want to start cutting their nails early, and use slightly different tools. When you use an angled cut instead of a straight across cut you will be able to more easily avoid cutting the quick and get the quick to recede further back into the nail. As you trim just the end off the quick will start to recede BACK into the nail, allowing you to cut the nail shorter the next time around.

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