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Help For Baby Rabbits – pets blog

Help For Baby Rabbits

I have a standard poodle, her enzyme levels have been elevated, however not drastically. She suffers from nausea and I have to be extremely careful about her fat content. If the protein was changed to skinless, boneless chicken breast could you see this diet as a possible choice for her. Unfortunately most veterinarians are not at all well versed on diets for these suffering dogs other than their prescription diets that are not at all that good. It was been such a maddening experience trying to find an adequate diet that she can tolerate. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice.

Dying bunnies won’t respond to anything and will be very still for long periods of time. Foot flicking due to annoyance should definitely be added, my old bunny, bright eyes, used to do it a lot when he was pissed off. Another few things is paw flicking before grooming, lunging as a threat,. One unique thing Leo likes is to play tug oh war with his chew toys. He growls and tries to pull them away from me but I know it’s just a game since when I go in for pets he doesn’t even flinch.

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I would love some guidance on how many cups to give per day. You can reduce your food quality and give your dog better food quality. This recipe would be fine to give occasionally but long term it’s lacking in such things as omega 3s, minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins, calcium, bones, organ meats. My dog is very picky and not a fan of vegetables.

best Rabbit Dog Food: Hoppin’ Good Eats!

I orderd 80.00 dehydrated dog food & they just looked at me, “Like really? So, we would just give them stuff we ate. I saw an article on FB about dogs & their foods. I went to the store today to buy the inexpensive few ingredients. We recommend the Russel Rabbit food from Supreme Pet Foods for the Florida White rabbit. This is a nutritionally balanced and tasty mix promote natural foraging.

Can Rabbits Eat Onions

Only recently have I been made aware that spaying actually increases the rabbit’s life if done successfully. Rabbits can indeed live to about 12, but only if they are INDOOR rabbits that have been spayed or neutered. We had looked into getting Cocoa spayed but were always warned against normal vets and female rabbits. You need rabbit specialists; otherwise, the survival rate is staggeringly low.

Which is better Royal Canin or Science Diet?

In short, although Royal Canin contains more protein on average, the quality of protein sources is better in Science Diet.

Note that because this food contains several different proteins, it is not a great option for dogs with food allergies. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your dog’s stomach. However, stress, illness, and improper diet can all cause these bacterial populations to decline, which may trigger intestinal problems.

Why Is Eating Dog Food Bad For Rabbits?

But my mother let him out when I wasn’t home and as soon as I came through the front door, my little guy was up on his hind legs. Every minute I was home, we were together. I got him from a family who thought they had 2 female rabbits, they soon found different.He was not old when he died.

  • The leaves are good for rabbits so you can feed radish tops to them.
  • I apply that same approach to what I eat, so I figure it works for them too.
  • More commonly, people with european, parts of asian and parts of African heritage are able to process lactose as adults.
  • It is torturing to think that he died that young because of me.
  • Her little heart started beating so fast, she was breathing really heavily, and we rushed her back to the vet.

It’s good for their gut and good for their teeth. The digestive system of rabbits is sensitive – without enough fibre, it clogs up. The fibre helps keep everything moving through. Rabbits also need these in the right balance. Their bodies can’t store proteins , so getting both the balance and enough amino acids is important.


Do you have any advice to get the bunny out of our yard now? PS-Here are a couple of sites I found with a much more exhaustive and detailed listing of what to feed your wild rabbits. I have heard of people doing this to slow down fast eating dogs. I only give our dogs partially frozen duck necks – our vet said that it helps with teeth cleaning.

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