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This fake grass doesn’t require any mowing or trimming and will look good all year long. The rubber backing is non-slip, making it easy to install in your garden. This product doesn’t need any tools and can simply be cut to size. Since you are investing in a synthetic product, that being fake grass, we recommend you highly consider installing the best quality grass out there. There is a noticeable difference between low-end turf and high-end turf, with the latter being close to resembling real grass lawns. Instead of saving a few dollars on a lawn that looks “too fake” or is too bright, impress others with a high quality artificial grass lawn.

  • Considering the lifespan of an artificial grass lawn is 25 years, we will use that as the time frame for care and maintenance costs.
  • It can prevent falls, increase traction, provide cushion and boost performance in all kinds of weather.
  • Don’t get confused, ask about the type of artificial grass which suits your specification or what you want to use it to do.
  • The higher pile will compensate for the effect of grass compression that occurs over time.
  • The beauty of synthetic grass is that it offers a low-maintenance lawn that enhances the curb appeal of homes all across the country.
  • All you have to do is layout these strips across your lawn and your formerly dead lawn looks presentable year-round.

So I finally got a recommendation from a landscaper here in the area to call Global Center. So they told me they had 16,000 square feet of the same dye lot in their Riviera Monterey 50 in their Kent Washington Warehouse. I went over to the warehouse and picked up a sample and showed it to the customer and they said it would work just perfectly. So I placed the order for the Riviera Monterey 50 with the local distributor here in my area. I sent my trucks over to the warehouse two days later and they loaded me up and just like that I was done. I want to thank Global Syn Turf in the local distributor here in the area for helping me with this very large project.

#7 Lita Realistic Deluxe Synthetic Lawn Turf

Longer is better for younger children and a more realistic appearance while shorter might be better for sports. 2.All our artificial grass mat is made of high quality anti-aging particle with masterbatch which has been tested for color degradation, durability, and fire resistance. A dense turf means that there are more synthetic yarns per square foot of turf.

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Why should you choose Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse over the rest? We make several different types of artificial turf, each featuring unique different piles and textures to suit a specific purpose. The rubber backing of this artificial turf has drainage holes throughout. Any use of this turf by your pet will be easy to clean with a hose without worry of flooding the turf or water retention. SYNLawn specializes in installing and applying artificial landscapes for residential homes, commercial common areas, and so much more.

Artificial Turf Vs Natural Grass: Comparing The Costs And Benefits

If you don’t set the base at which your artificial grass laid on, it can result in having potholes and sinks. They cannot be seen if your grass is installed but they can be felt and after can accumulate in those areas. After reading my reviews, I hope that you have figured out which artificial grass you want to go with. If not, here is a table of characteristics for each of the products I mentioned above. Though it is specified to be used for all outdoor spaces, it may not be so. I liked the premium quality rug, but I feel you can go for better ones for a similar price.

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