Which Dog Is Most Likely To Bite

Despite dogs’ loyalty and close association with humans in daily life, instances of dog attacks are quite common.

Certain breed of dogs like wolves remain aggressive and cunning in spite of domestication. A study regarding dog bites was conducted in the United States and Canada from 1982-2007.

It concluded that wolf-mix dogs or wolf hybrid dogs are more likely to bite than any other breed of dogs. Researchers have concluded that even after providing the best of training, they remain aggressive.

Some wolf-mix dogs can be calm, docile and non-aggressive, but a higher percentage of wolf-mix dogs are likely to attack humans and other animals.

How many attacks per year?

The number of wolf-mix dog has increased to about a million. A recent study in the United States and Canada indicate that this breed of dog is aggressive by nature and more prone to attacks, bites and mauling. In fact, wolf-mix dog holds a high position in the dog bite statistics.

Why is it that wolf-dogs are gaining popularity over other breeds of dogs, in spite of their likelihood to bite?

It is believed that the majestic aspect of wolf-dogs is appealing to the humans. Moreover, some feel that wolf-dogs can make good guards by scaring away the predators, thereby protecting the family. However, what they do not realize is that it is rather difficult to domesticate the wolf-dog breed.

Many states have started banning such breeds of dogs in an effort to ensure safety of the residents.

Further studies

Another research concluded that wolf-dogsRottweilers and Pit Bulls accounted for more than 77% of attacks. Few attacked children more in comparison to adults. Some attacks by wolf-dogs have reportedly been fatal, causing the death of the victim.

Generally speaking, wolf-dogs, as described above have been described as most ferocious and likely to bite among all. By keeping a healthy relationship which your dog and activating them properly you will likely never have to worry about your dog behaving aggressively.

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