Top 10 Reasons To Get A Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatians came to popularity with the release of the movie Dalmatians 101. Soon after the movie debuted, pet lovers around the world were looking all over for Dalmatian puppies for sale.

Dog breeders around the world cashed in and increased their production. However, many people soon came to realize that this unique dog breed is not just for everyone.

This is probably because many brought them home but did not have full understanding of how to take good care of them, train and socialize them. Today however, many people have come to understand Dalmatians and once again their sales are going up. If you have not made up your mind yet then here are top 10 reasons to get a Dalmatian puppy.

Dependable companions

Dalmatians are known to be best companions to both adults and older children. As long as it the puppy is brought up in the right environment, Dalmatians tend to form very strong bonds with both the masters and the other members of the family. The dog will follow you wherever you go and will always want to please you.

In some instances, dogs have been shown to share both happiness and grief with their masters making them the best companions anyone can ever hope for even those who are lonely.

Very intelligent dogs

One of the most important characteristics of Dalmatians is their lover of intelligence. These dogs are very good in learning new things and tricks. They usually invent ways to ensure their masters and pleased with them. They learn extremely fast and feature high levels of determination. This makes them very easy to train and socialize.

Due to high levels of intelligence, you can train your puppy in dog-agility workouts such as jumping, jogging, fly ball and horse riding with a lot of ease.

They keep children active and happy

If you want to get your older children and even yourself away from sedentary lifestyle then you should look for a Dalmatian puppy. They are extremely active and playful. They have the tendency to run around, jump and hope both indoors and outdoors. You children will find this fun and indulge with their favorite playmate.

In fact, you may be surprised to hear your children asking you to bring buy for them Dalmatian puppy just to play with because they love it.

Easy to groom

While Dalmatians shed all year round, they are very easy to groom. This is attributable to their short, fine, velvety and easy to brush coat. All you need is a soft brush and the process will take very little time to complete.

Furthermore, the coat is dirt repellent meaning you will not have to purchase special shampoo to maintain the bright white color of the coat. Your dog will always look great whether in spring or in the fall.

Polite and friendly to everyone

When trained and socialized appropriately Dalmatians can be very polite and friendly not only its master and other members of the family but also other people they encounter on a day to day basis. If they are not trained or socialized well, Dalmatians can turn out to be very aggressive and irritable especially other people who are not members of their family.

In rare cases, they have been accused of injuring some people when they feel threatened and not able to get themselves out of the situation. In most cases however, these dogs are polite and extremely friendly to everyone.

Energetic with athletic figure

Dalmatians are a medium sized breed. They are usually well built and are extremely athletic meaning they require regular exercise. Because of their muscular body shape as well as unfading stamina, these dogs were used as carriage dogs traditionally. Some people still use them for this purpose but it is extremely rare. It is therefore the right dog for you if you are looking for medium sized breed that can offer you support in certain situations.

Interacts well with other pets

If you love pets then chances are that you have other such as other dog breeds, horse and even cats. A Dalmatian well trained and socialized will get along well with all the other pets you might be having at home. Do not worry about unnecessary fights. In fact, you will see your puppy play with the other animals seamlessly. This is also the reason why these dogs are great when it comes to horse riding.

Remember, you have to train them well from an early age by exposing all the other animals at home.

Loyal and dignified

If you want a loyal and dignified companion then you should purchase a Dalmatian puppy. As already been mentioned, these dogs are extremely loyal to their masters always striving to please him at all times. They are also dignified despite their playful nature.

Dalmatian puppy will never poo anyhow or anywhere, as long as it was properly potty trained.

Easy to train and socialize

Being extremely intelligent, Dalmatians are very easy to train and socialize as long as you are using the right techniques. The best way to train them is to include praises and rewards they are highly responsive to them.

For example, if you were potty training him and he finally does it in there they you should shower it with praised or even give it some sort of a “snack” as reward for achieving this milestone.


The final reason in this list of top 10 reasons to get a Dalmatian puppy is affordability. These puppies initial buying prices is quite affordable compared with the other top breeds. If you purchase your puppy from a good breeder then you can be sure to get a very good dog breed at very affordable price.


If you are looking for good dog to bring home then you should consider a Dalmatian. Take your time and research the best Dalmatian puppy for sale form a reputable breeder. You can be sure to have a great time watching your little friend grown it dependable companion. You have to be ready to take good care of your puppy because Dalmatians need a lot of commitment to raise well.

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