An Overview Of Pitbulls For Sale

It may come as a surprise to many but the term “pit bull” does not refer to a dog breed but is rather a generic term that is often used to describe all dogs with similar characteristics and traits generally known to the public as pit bulls.

Breed of pitbulls for sale include

  • American Staffordshire
  • Terriers
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • .. and Pit Bull mixes.

Pit Bulls, like any other dog, are wonderful animals that deserve a chance at a good life. However, it is important to remember that Pit Bulls are just not any other dog and are, indeed, a little more of everything that the average dog can be.

Pit Bull characteristics

Pit Bulls possess great mental and physical characteristics that make them ideal partners for caring, active, and responsible owners. But these same outstanding qualities can also make them a tad difficult to handle especially for those who have little experience in dog ownership or for those who do not understand the breed well.

Luckily, Pit Bulls are eager to please and are very responsive to training. And it is for this reason that experts recommend that they be taken for obedience classes immediately they are up to date with their shots since they are prone to parvo and distemper. Vaccinations are thus essential before going to places that other dogs frequent or before coming into contact with other dogs. An obedient and well behaved pit bull acts as a great ambassador for the breed and also helps fight misconceptions and prejudice.

Lastly, pit bulls are quite adaptable and will even thrive in urban settings, provided they get enough exercise and other positive outlets for their boundless energy. In addition, most are easy going couch potatoes, although they can be somewhat rambunctious before they are fully mature. Despite maturity coming pretty late for this breed (2-3 years in some instances), pit bulls remain playful throughout their lives and exhibit a great sense of humor.

There’s a lot of different kind of pitbulls, one of the most popular ones being the blue pitbull.

What you need to know before buying a Pitbull

If you want to pet this type of dog, there are a lot Pitbulls for adoption and Pitbulls for sale out there. Pitbulls offers a lot of crossbreeds – Some of them offer females and puppies. Go for those who sell puppy Pitbulls because raising it will be easier if you can train him at an early age.

However, it does not really matter where your new pet comes from, what matters is that you, as the owner would be enthusiastic enough to have him as a pet. Taking care of a Pitbull is not an easy job. It requires a lot of time, dedication and love. The question is can you handle them?

When training a Pitbull, you should only use positive reinforcement, but punishment is still needed if he does something wrong. The punishment should be done immediately so that your pet would know that he cannot get away with it and that he cannot do it again. However, do not try to hit him because he will surely fight back. You may get bitten by your own pet when you do this.

Remember, the reason you are training him is to lessen his aggressiveness, so do not try to hurt him in any possible way. Violence will only worsen his behavior.

Tips when training your pitbull

What you could do is to establish dominance over him. When walking, you must lead the way, and when he tries to move ahead of you, pull him back gently and walk beside him, or in front of him. This way, he will regard you as the leader. When he walks properly beside you, praise him and give him a treat so that he will do it again.

A Pitbull can be very active and playful. He also loves playing tricks so teach him some tricks, even simple ones would do. It is also important that you buy him toys so he would not bite anyone or anything near him. Your dog requires a lot of attention from you; so make it a point to play with him even for just a short period every day.

Pitbulls for sale

The cost of a pit bull puppy is, ideally, a direct reflection of the work that has been put into the parents. Therefore, pups from different sources are likely to cost different prices.

For instance, puppies from a backyard breeder whose only job is to breed two pets together ought to be relatively cheap, probably anywhere between $50 and $200. And more often than not, this money just goes into the breeder’s pocket once they have deducted their cost of raising the litter.


The price of a real pit bull

A pit bull from an animal shelter or rescue group is likely to cost the same as above, with the adoption fee covering the cost of among others getting the dog neutered/spayed; up-to-date on de-worming and shots; and probably including a crate, leash, collar etc. Conversely, puppies from reputable breeders cost in the range of between $500 – $1200.

Such amounts are pegged on factors such as whether or not the puppy is deemed show-quality; the various working titles earned; and the amount that goes to genetic health testing. As such, breeders who do only one or two of these things ought not to charge as much as breeders with proven, top-quality dogs. When looking for pitbulls for sale always make sure to make a thorough research beforehand.

Overall, avoid breeders who charge an exorbitant amount of money for puppies (usually $2000 and above) as they are likely to be making a living solely off their puppies and will not put in the legwork that a reputable breeder would. Also, they tend to primarily cater to amateurs who mistakenly believe that they are getting something unique by parting with obscene amounts of money.

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