Keeping Your Canine’s Teeth Healthy

Dogs are known as man’s best friends – As man’s best friend it is important to keep your buddy’s teeth clean, healthy and white.

Similar to humans, dogs teeth can be affected by poor hygiene and lack of knowledge. If you want to keep your pooches, breathe fresh and his teeth clean then follow the advice below. Your dog will thank you and so will your veterinarian.

For a puppy having loose teeth is not a problem. For different breeds they may being to lose teeth around the age of 4-6 months. This is normal and is similar to young children who lose their baby teeth to make room for their adult teeth. When this occurs it is important that the teeth are completely fallen out. If there is any remaining puppy teeth, while their adult teeth are growing in it can cause plenty of trauma for them.

How to brush the teeth?

So what’s important when cleaning your dog’s teeth? You can teach any dog to have their teeth brushed whether they’re old or even a puppy! The video shows a simple guide on how you start ‘preparing’ your dog handling a brush.

On the other hand

For your older dogs lose teeth are a big problem. This is usually caused by some sort of head or mouth-trauma that they have incurred. It also can be the signs of some sort of infection or tooth decay forming in your pooch’s mouth. For safety measures it is important that you see a veterinarian as soon as possible, to avoid the risk of more damage. You should treat your dog’s mouth the same way you treat your very own.

Your dog’s teeth may have become misaligned because of some accident or may because they grew in that way. Whatever the case maybe this can have serious effects on the way your dog eats their food. If your dog has misaligned teeth it can be because of some other factors such as mouth trauma and/or a genetic trait passed down through their breed.

Swollen or bleeding gums are an obvious sign of some sort of decay or other tooth problems. They may be unnoticeable depending on where the problem is located, but you will be able to tell by your dog’s interaction with their toys.

If you notice that they leave some blood after playing with their favorite chew toy then, you should consider this as a sign to take them to the vet. Another signal of a problem, is if your dog avoids eating or playing with their toys altogether. This could be due to painful eating or playing experiences. Canine teeth diseases and your dogs teeth falling out can be avoided if proper mouth care is provide by you.

Common problems

The dental problems of dogs usually emerge due to the build-up of tartar on the animal’s teeth. This requires pet owners to brush their pets’ animal teeth, otherwise, like humans; they can have numerous common dental problems.

Three of the most common dental problems of your canine pet are bad breath, loose teeth and abscessed teeth:

Bad breath caused by the animal teeth

Perhaps, you would not think that dogs can develop bad breath. When you smell this in your dog, it is revealing dental problems in your pet dog. The two causes of bad breath are:

  • Infection that is about to surface.
  • Too much bacteria in its tongue.

It may be difficult for you to resolve this problem because you do not know the technique to brush the animal teeth or to scrape its tongue. Only your veterinarian can come to your rescue. Bring it to the animal doctor’s clinic for a dental check-up. Your veterinarian is equipped with the knowledge on how to scrape the tongue and to brush the teeth properly.

With these two things being consistently undertaken, you will find how lovable your pet is – with the fresh breath and tartar-free teeth.

Loose animal teeth

Loose teeth are more common among old dogs and the dental problem can be due to different causes. The loosening of the animal teeth had been traced to be due to either of the following two reasons – poor dental hygiene and genetics, meaning it runs in its genes.

What are you supposed to do? Let us take the first cause which is poor dental hygiene. What you could do here if you cannot handle the brushing of the dog’s teeth is to take it to the veterinarian for scraping or removal of the calculus and tartar.

But if the dental problem is genetic in nature, there seems to be no solution to the issue.

Abscessed tooth of your dog

Your dog may have abscessed tooth – This happens when cavities develop in any of the tooth and are not taken care of. The result is infection in the tooth that results to inflammation and consequent abscess.

Even without inspecting the tooth, you will know that there is abscessed animal tooth because the area around its mouth is very tender and sensitive to you touch. Only a veterinarian can this treatment and what this doctor does is repair the animal teeth or extract the affected teeth.

These are the most common dental problems. In some instances, the dog can suffer slab fracture and this happens when the enamel of the animal teeth break.

This problem can come when your pet dog is gnawing hard bones to the extent of damaging the teeth. In discovering some problems with your pet’s animal teeth, the most logical step is to take your dog to Dr. Veterinarian.

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