How Do I Euthanize My Dog At Home

Keeping a terminally ill dog or any other animal suffering terrible pain, alive indefinitely, is not showing kindness, rather prolonging the suffering of the poor creature.

To help cut short the sufferings, one can resort to euthanizing. Euthanizing your pet can be a difficult decision to make. However, during extreme circumstances, one has to take this drastic measure.

There are numerous ways to euthanize your dog at home. However, euthanizing is considered illegal in some states and prior permission must be sought beforehand so always make sure to look up your state / country rules.

Why euthanize at home?

If the dog is very large as well as ill, and difficult to carry to the veterinary clinic, euthanizing at home is a good option.

  • Your home can provide the various creature comforts to your dog before your pet passes away.
  • It provides other pets in your home to come to term with the death of your dog and bring in better acceptance of the truth.

Some ways include using carbon dioxide gas chambers, overdose of sleeping pills or shooting in the head. But think over these ideas deeply before going for any of them.

Euthanizing your dog at home might not work out always. It can turn out to be messy and your dog can experience more pain instead of being relieved.

Consult a veterinarian beforehand

It is advisable that before taking any step with regard to euthanasia, you should consult a veterinarian.

Since veterinarians are trained professionals, they will know how to carry out the process painlessly. One has to take into considerations certain aspects while carrying out euthanasia.

One must take care that the dog goes through a painless death. The dosage of the drug depends on the sizeage and condition of the dog. Pentobarbital, the licensed drug used for euthanasia is available to licensed veterinarians only.

Using such drugs at home, without an expert’s consultation can have adverse effects and cause further damage to your already diseased dog. Euthanasia as a practice is in constant debate. Consult your veterinarian before taking any step, for it is rather painful to see a dog going through the process of euthanasia.

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