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“After you empty the pool, lay it flat and avoid placing it against a wall or in a way that could allow the pool to fall and trap the dog,” Stanley said. “Dogs have suffered serious injury, and even death, after becoming trapped under a pool in hot weather.” PetSmart Polygroup’s simple, affordable plastic wading pool is a great starter option for dogs who are new to pools.

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On the smaller end of the size spectrum, you’ll find dog pools that measure around 30 to 35 inches across. On the larger end, you can find models measuring an impressive 60 to 70 inches across – big enough for a few medium-size or even large dogs to share. This pool folds down small enough that you can stash it in a drawer in the winter months, then it quickly pops right back into shape. It’s made of PVC-covered fiberboard for extra durability. The bottom of the pool has a no-slip coating to keep your pooch safe. When you’re ready to drain it, just open up the valve that’s built in low on the side.

Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

Measure your pup’s length from nose to hind flank and their height to select the proper size pool. This collapsible tub is easy to set up, and its small size is perfect for little dogs or puppies. The best way to keep the dog pool clean is to not leave it lying around for long after you’re done using it.

  • To stop leaks, they’ve implemented double layer construction.
  • Get your little buddy onto this magnificent dog float if they hate getting wet!
  • Measure his size from his nose to the base of his tail to get the most accurate measurement.
  • Inflatable baby and dog pools are items I don’t recommend often since the quality is usually dubious.

If in doubt, measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail so you can compare their size to the size of the pool. Knowing the size of your pool is important if you want to make sure your dog will fit comfortably in it. If you have a water-loving dog, a pool’s going to be great fun for them.

How Deep Should A Dog Swimming Pool Be?

In general, this pool provides an opportunity to keep cool and have fun during sizzling summers. However, there will always be dogs that seem like they were born to destroy things, which a few buyers mentioned in their reviews. The plastic material was a piece of meat to their canines and they said that the pool is not as durable as the makers described it to be.

However, some pools require you to hold the hose as the pool fills. Not much else to say here but picking the right and best dog pool comes down to the purpose it will be used for. Usually, sturdy and long-lasting dog pools tend to be heavier so a lot less mobile. These are ideal for home use and can be stored easily during cold months. Lightweight and inflatable dog pools are a lot less sturdy but do well on-the-go or for quick summery fixes. The pool is made from truck bed liner material so expect extra sturdiness, and on top of that, it offers a very needed chew and UV resistance.

The Best Dog Pools

Once you deflate it, you can move it and store it easily. It is also a very affordable option but many users reported that the product didn’t last long because it isn’t chew-resistant. Some dog owners also claimed that it was not sturdy enough to withstand dog claws. The lack of frame makes this pool hard to clean, despite having the drain on the side. This product is extremely portable and easily stored because it can be folded in a matter of minutes. The pool also comes with a reinforced, non-slip bottom made of durable materials.

The Best Pool For Big Dogs

However, some users reported that their pools were not so durable after all, especially complaining about leakage caused by chewing. Other than that, customers thought the item to be modest yet highly versatile and functional. Measuring 63 inches in diameter with a height of 11.8 inches, the large pool can be set up in patios, backyard, or on decks. Buyers liked the sturdy construction of the product, especially for those who own large breed dogs. The pool has been a great help in keeping their nosy dogs busy and away from the pond and garden plants. Dog owners who purchased this product particularly noted the ease of filling up the pool, and the same ease in emptying it with the integrated drain system.

Pedy Pool Large Foldable Dog Bathtub

Bigger dogs create more of a challenge for the pool so a solid plastic pool would be the best option if you want it to last more than one summer. You’re obviously not going to be using the dog pools during cold winter months or even in the rain. If investing in a dog pool, you also need to account for how much space you have in the house to store it. Maybe start with identifying a space to store it and then work your way backward. Here are the characteristics you must pay attention to when buying a dog swimming pool. Also, no chewers allowed – dogs that love to chew on things will have a field day eating their own swimming pools.

Dog Swimming Pools

An additional bag to store the product would have been an added bonus; there are no extra accessories here, but you can always pop it into one you own at home. As most dogs have heavy, thick coats and can’t sweat through their skin, our furry friends need an extra spot of help to cooldown. Common signs that your dog is struggling with the heat include panting, excessive drooling, excessive thirst and an elevated body temperature.

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