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This is third time purchase from the PetitpoisDesign. I was happy with the purchase before and now even better. Those were comfortable to carry my pup and the putzi bag is good as well. Also, the herringbone warmer will keep my pup warm for cold weather and she feels more comfortable inside of the bag. She is always sleeping while I am on the train or bus or plane.

We all know that dogs are widely considered to be more of a family member than just a pet. So why shouldn’t they get to experience the luxury of designer dog purses? At Doggie Diva, we pride ourselves on supplying passionate pet owners with the finest luxury dog carriers and designer pet carriers on the market. Our dog purse carriers for pets are made with the finest quality materials to provide your furry friend with a sense of luxury not seen in other pet purse carriers. Our online inventory of dog purse carriers will give you plenty of options to choose a purse dog carrier that fits your style.

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The interior compartment is sufficiently roomy to hold treats, toys and a few personal items. You can choose from a red or bright sky blue interior that is roomy enough for a ball, treats, a clicker and other small supplies. Don’t miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend.

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The OllyDog Kibble Carrier is designed for the easy transport of your dog’s food. The portable food travel bag comes in a really pretty aqua colour or black and features a clip close rolling top and lined interior. The bag has a total of 23L of storage space and it’s dog food carriers can store up to 20 cups of kibble and are insulated. The product also comes with stainless steel dog bowls and a first aid kit.

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The front pocket has a placemat that folds down to put your dog’s bowls on during feeding time. Most of these dog gear bags come with included products such as dog bowls, toys, blankets and first aid kits. Look for bags that have products that you don’t already own. Some pet handbags may be suitable for dogs 10 – 15 lbs, but I suggest careful measurement and study before buying one of these dog carrier purses for a 10 – 15 lb dog.

  • Bulldog® has been the industry leader for decades in developing innovative carrying and storage solutions for all types of weapons.
  • Your fur baby will stay cool and comfortable with its head, feet, and tail exposed.
  • Dog purse carriers are best suited for teacup breeds and extremely small dogs weighing less than 10 lbs.
  • Like G.W. Little, we offer the full line of Susan Lanci luxury pet products.

There is a built-in rear poop bag dispenser and several interior compartments for toys and treats. It’s also a great place to store all your dog park and training gear. The interior also offers a Sherpa-enclosed footpad and a harness tether to keep your dog safe. The footpad is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. This purse boasts super soft suede outside fabric and soft nylon orange interior.

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Your fur baby will stay cool and comfortable with its head, feet, and tail exposed. A set of tote handles is also included if you feel like carrying your pup just like a purse. Good article but purse dog carriers are supposed to look like women’s purses. Camouflage dog sling carrierwould be a great choice.

Car safety is important and includes using dog car seats when transporting your pup. The Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat also doubles as a carrier. If you’re looking for a small dog carrier bag for your petit pooch, consider the Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrer. Additionally, there are different types of carriers like a dog carrier sling and a dog carrier backpack – so you can wear your dog on your side or on your back as you please.

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