Dog Bully Sticks For Sale

Wash well, using friction between your hands, soap, and at least 20 seconds under running water for your best protection against bacteria. The constant contact and abrasion against their teeth promotes healthy gums and even scrapes some of the plaque and tartar off of their teeth. You are looking for more ways to improve your dog’s dental health easily. Bully sticks are very low in carbohydrates because they are primarily protein. Our ear chews are whole, not cut into slices, ensuring your dog gets a full, long-lasting experience. Dog Product Picker is for dog owners looking for the latest tips, tricks, and product reviews.

bully sticks for dogs

High in protein, low in fat, and made from 100% beef pizzle sourced from the USA. I am an avid pet enthusiast and currently work in the corporate world of pets. I have two dogs – Charlie and Bosco – who are both Siberian Huskies, as well as a cat named Gus. Growing up, I worked at three different pet stores for about six years total . In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering to help care for them while they’re waiting for their forever homes.

Can Bully Sticks Kill Dogs?

They contain not one ingredient that is less than completely organic. Bully sticks, while being a significant source of protein, can contain up to 22 calories per inch. Overall this means that the average 6-inch bully stick can contain up to 9% of the required daily calories for the average 50-pound dog. The packaging on bully sticks rarely provides information on what they are made of let alone the fact that the sticks are actually uncooked, dried, raw, strips of meat. Beef is a good source of amino acids which helps to maintain your dog’s muscles, skin, and coat. Since bully sticks are free of any artificial ingredients or chemicals, they are a good choice if your dog has any particular allergy to certain other food treats.

  • But first, we’d like to share our top picks for the best bully sticks for dogs.
  • The x-ray will help to find out exactly what is the problem and how your dog has choked on the stick.
  • They aren’t compromised with growth hormones and other fillers that could be harmful to your pooch.

Alongside with our high-quality, delicious and 100% all-natural dog chews, My Bully Sticks is proud to offer fast, free shipping to all pet parents on orders over $49!. All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident we are with our bully sticks. We also have a 5% rewards program so you can order more delicious treats for your furry companion and save money. To cater to your dogs preferences, we have other kinds of natural dog chews.

Are Bully Sticks A Good Chew For My Dog?

Bully sticks are made from beef or steer penis which has been stretched and twisted, before being dried. The drying process is usually through dehydration, however sometimes they are baked or smoked instead.

If you do want to give your dog only a bit of his bully stick at a time, it’s best to give him the entire chew and simply to take it away when he’s consumed his daily amount. A large or giant breed dog, or an especially powerful chewer, should be fed a larger-sized bully stick to ensure that the bully stick will last a longer period of time. A small, medium breed or senior pet might only require a thin bully stick to occupy them for several hours or even days. Determining how long it will take for anyone dog to chew through a bully stick depends on many factors. If your dog gets destructive when you are leaving them home alone, then offer the bully stick a while you are preparing to leave. This will give them something to focus on while you go through your normal routine for departure.

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