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It can feel a little scratchy, but most dogs can’t feel it through their fur. If you are looking for a good old dog blanket that does the job and lasts for a long time, this is a great pick and it comes at a very decent price. The size is rather generous at a 48″ x 42″ which will suffice most dogs, even the largest. It is a thick blanket made from a high-quality ultra-soft plush material. PetFusion is very famous for large dog beds and dog booster seats but they managed to surprise us with a high-quality dog blanket coming in small, medium and large sizes. The dimensions of the large size are 53 x 41″ which should suffice for any large breed, even giant.

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Like other PetAmi pet blankets, this blanket features a reversible Sherpa lining and premium flannel fleece for extra warmth and comfort. The lightweight yet luxuriously designed blanket is a favorite option for most pet owners for a myriad of good reasons. First, it is easy to clean and it is designed for a wide array of furniture ranging from chairs to sofas. As mentioned earlier, a dog blanket can keep your furry friend warm and comfortable on chilly nights and can provide them a sense of security, hence sleep better. Though it may seem simple when it comes to picking a chew proof dog blanket for your four-legged friend, there are a few features you need to consider, and below are some of them. If so, then you will need the best chew proof dog blanket.

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The blanket is extremely luxurious to the touch and pets really enjoy resting their head on it. It can be washed in a machine easily and can also be dried. The blanket is currently available in 3 different sizes which are small, medium and large.

The small one can cover a single chair seat while the medium blankie can cover couch seats. You can also ask your local shelter what size dog blanket they prefer. Many shelters line the cages with these blankets so they will know what size works best. This is an online organization that works with animal shelters across the country to provide free knit and crochet blankets. Volunteers make blankets and ship them to Comfort for Critters to distribute to over 200 animal shelters across the country.

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In fact, this same side can be used to a great advantage in summer as it provides a very cool and smooth resting place to the dog. This side of the pet blanket has been prepared by using ripstop material which is both soft and thick and is tear-resistant. The pet blanket is available in two sizes which are the Small one at 28 x48 inches and the Large one at 50 x58 inches. The pet dog blanket is great for use in the car, on the sofa or can even be used as a general blanket for people.

  • Microfiber dog blankets are made with durability and protection in mind.
  • The large one is 73 inches x 56 inches and would be ideal for use on the bed.
  • Not to mention, it is reversible, meaning you can flip it to the clean side without having to wash it when one side gets dirty.

More importantly, the blanket offers amazing floor protection to keep your carpets and floor protected from stains. The wonderfully soft dog chew-proof dog blanket boasts powerful waterproof capabilities, thanks to its 100% waterproof barrier. The blanket is available in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large sizes. As such, you can pick the perfect size for covering all the spots that your furry mate prefers to lay on.

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