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Clicker Training For Dogs – pets blog

Clicker Training For Dogs

Even some modern police dog training programs use clicker training. A “clicker” is a small plastic box designed to be held in the palm of your hand, with a small metal tongue that you push to make a clicking sound. If you’ve watched animal training videos online, chances are you’ve seen clickers in use. Actions of the pet such as positive behavior or obeying of command can be marked by pressing the clicker and rewarding the pet with treats. This reward-based approach will teach the pet that whatever it did at the time of the clicking sound is correct and it will be rewarded. The clicker has a large button for easy clicking and produces a loud sound.

best Dog Clickers for Clicker Training

Keep these accessories in mind before picking the best option. To help in portability almost all the models that we listed have a lanyard hole or a wrist strap, making them comfortable to carry around. Even the click sticks that we listed have a belt clip for easy transportation. The only exception is the PetSafe Clik-R Trainer, which has an adjustable finger strap.

Clicker Training 101: A Quick Beginners Guide

As for the sound, the PetSafe Clik-R Trainer is about average. It is loud enough to make sure your pooch will notice the click and soft enough to not scare the sensitive ones. While it is quieter than the basic EcoCity clicker, the Upgraded Dog Training Clicker might still be too loud for the most sensitive canines. Clicker training requires you to click at the right time for you to achieve your goal. When done well, the pooch can learn many skills using a clicker. One of the drawbacks of the clicker is that it is among the loudest on the market which can make it unsuitable for sensitive dogs.

Is clicker training better?

A clicker (or marker) is a tool that can make positive reinforcement training more efficient. After being repeatedly associated with a treat or reward, a clicker becomes a conditioned reinforcer. Learn how clicker training can help you better and more effectively communicate with your dog during training sessions.

The comfortable finger strap allows for optimal focus on your dog while training. PetSafe Clik-R Training tool is more ergonomic than other boxy types because it has a rounded shape and sturdy finger strap. The secure fit of the finger strap relaxes the hand because there’s no more need to hold onto the clicker. With this clever design, the hand is freer to move and flex, and clicking becomes more of thumb work. The clicker is a purple-and-green color and has a hole for a lanyard or keychain.

Best Dog Training Clicker In Detail

These dog clickers will give your dog the positive reinforcement they need to know they’ve been a very good boy. It’s simple and easy to use – all you need to do is press the clicker once your dog has perfected a trick or maneuver, then give them a treat. This method will mean they learn fairly quickly that they’ve done something right, making them easier to train. The clicker sound is quite strong, which means that it will work great in noisy places, but it also suggests that it may not be a great choice to train sensitive dogs. The system includes a training guide, so you can follow those instructions to see if it works for your dog. Keep in mind that though the clicker comes with a hole to use a lanyard for safety, you won’t get a key chain or anything inside the package.

  • The clicker attaches to your finger with a comfortable elastic strap, which reduces the likelihood of losing it.
  • For example, let’s say I want to shape my dog to lie down on a mat.
  • This is similar to failsafi or hold-the-run button, but instead of stopping the current training phase, this command starts it.
  • You should, therefore, choose a clicker that is neither too loud nor too soft.

Even if you have one dog, clickers tend to be small, so it’s good to have multiples in case you lose one. Certain dogs don’t respond to this clicker due to the soft sound. The button can be stiff and difficult to press, especially at first. But all those options for different types of dog clickers can make it difficult to decide which is the best one for your needs.

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