Choosing The Right Dog Crate

Well, dogs vary from size, age, special needs, and their preferred sleeping style. Therefore, once you step into a walk-in store or log in to an online shop, you should first consider what your pet needs. Thus, this guide will take you through the various aspects you should consider before purchasing the right bed for a pet.

These are just some of the few personalities every dog owner must watch. You should observe your little buddy closely before procuring a bed to make certain you pick the proper item. The majority of these enclosures are marketed as “pet transport carriers” since most people purchase them as a 2nd crate that they use just for traveling. However, they are more than suitable for day-to-day use too. Carriers are a perfect solution for small to medium dogs. Kennels can easily be used for crate-training a puppy, but they also sport the added benefit of allowing you to use them for the transportation of your pooch.

The Basics To Understanding Dog Crate Sizes

It’s ideal for transporting your pet pooch quickly and easily. Normally, we would say go as big as you can but that’s not actually ideal in this instance. If you buy a cage that is far larger than a dog, your furkid may start soiling in a corner of it. A dog won’t do that in a perfectly-sized crate because, by nature, they don’t like to poop or pee where they sleep. If you live in a small space, you can combine your dog’s crate with a functional piece of furniture that best matches your home’s decor. There are lots of styles to choose from online, with most options doubling as an end table.

  • As you might expect there is a dog crate, but you also get a fleece bed, a dog crate cover, plus a food and water bowl – and all neatly packed into a single box for easy delivery.
  • Thick padding lifts the dog bed from the hard surface to provide warmth and insulation.
  • The top edges are what’s interesting about it since they are raised and bolstered.
  • You need to wall off a bit of your kitchen for that, as below.
  • Typically, they come with a single door, but some models feature multiple doors that allow easier access from all sides.

The option below by MidWest has great airflow with multiple windows and is one of the sturdier soft-sided crate models. Charley Chau Snuggle Beds require a little extra length and depth for a dog because they need to be able to get under the cover. See the Snuggle Bed page for example breeds for the different size Snuggle Beds. If your dog tends to stretch out fully, doing a doggie version of starfish, then a rectangular shaped dog bed is likely to be a better option. We have a fabulous range of rectangular beds with a variety of style, fabric and bed frame options. We hope that our guide has helped you decide which bed is best for your dog and their crate.

Dog Bed Buying Guide

To make an intelligent future proof purchase that will last, simply ask how big will your dog grow. The length of the dog should be measured from the tip of the mouth as well, when it is looking forward, to where the tail meets the body, same as the official measurement. The length of a dog is measured from the front lower neck portion to the back where the tail meets the body.

guide dog bed and crate size

As long as you take into account the material you prefer and the size of your crate, you can choose the right bed for your needs. Pups love their crate like a den as long as it is used correctly, and always positively! Never put your pup in anger if she is “naughty” as they may become negatively associated with their bed as a result. Her crate is a safe, hazard-free area where she will sleep at night and also a safe place to leave her should you be leaving the house for a bit.

Tips To Use A Dog Bed For Your Dog

We’d suggest going for a crate bed with memory foam or at least a few inches of cushioning. This is definitely going to have a serious importance for dogs which are older and suffer from arthritis, for instance. This is when you might want to purchase bed which is orthopedic-oriented.

The top doors are ideal for petting your furry friend or giving them a treat without them escaping. The mesh sides of the crate fold in the middle, which can be a weak point if you have a really strong dog. Like all good dog crates it has a sturdy tray that is easy to slide out and clean, and is the perfect place for the right sized dog bed.

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