Choosing The Right Crate Size

Selecting dog crate sizes for your canine companion can make or break your crate training regime! Understanding how to pick the perfect crate for your terrier, puppy or Portuguese Podengo is essential for all dog owners. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled on a goldmine of useful dog crate information. We define small breeds as ranging anywhere from 6 to 18 inches in height and 1 to 30 lbs in weight. Again, when sizing for your pup, make sure to add some extra space for any pad or bed you may want to use.

guide suitable dog crate size

The wooden dog crate is made of wood and is very versatile for its stylish look and its ability to fit into your home décor. Aside from being a dog crate, it can also be used as a nightstand or side table. The wooden crate is strong and durable and comes in attractive colors and designs. If you’re looking for a dog crate that would last for a very long time, then a wooden crate may be the best dog crate for your furry friend.

Metal Dog Crate Vs Plastic Dog Crate

More difficult than most wire crates for escape artists to get out of. The majority are marketed as ‘pet carriers’ or ‘transport’ crates because they’re often bought as a second crate just for this use. But they’re fit for more permanent and day-to-day use too. They come with a single door as standard, but some models have multiple doors for greater access. The one you choose depends on how you wish to use it, how destructive your dog is and whether you’re trying to get a certain style to fit with the theme of your home.

  • In simple terms, the kennel shouldn’t be cramped but spacious and breathable.
  • You may even want to consider one made of glass or plastic.
  • A crate allows your dog to satisfy its natural instinct to be in a den and this prevents it from experiencing problems that un-crated dogs feel.
  • Going to local stores is a great way to see what dimensions are like in reality, but you won’t be able to read reviews and compare a huge range of different crates like you will online.
  • Picking a crate your dog will love is going to take some searching.

Selecting a dog cage or crate as per the breed or size guide is a good option. Also if you don’t want to go through the whole hassle of taking dog measurements, you can follow the size guide. Here we have listed below in our infographic, dog cage or crate measurement for you to make a suitable choice.

Midwest Dog Crate Sizes

If you have any of these adorable little guys, do surely get them this crate as it is filled with safety and comfort. It turns for the small dogs finally since we’ve had a pretty detailed division of the bigger ones. Your little ones deserve a comfortable home as much as your older ones. The safety locks on this little crate are spot-on so there’ll be zero chance of your dog escaping. It doesn’t matter the kind of dog you have, his comfort comes first which is why Midwest designed a crate for every size. This helps gives them maximum comfort while hanging about in their crate.

Each type has its pros and cons, and it doesn’t seem easy to choose one. To me, the owners of large breeds should pay attention to metal wire and heavy metal duty crates though they are not the silent ones. We have checked plenty of customer feedback, comments, and ratings from professionals, and it appears that many of them prefer Midwest Life Stages.

Extra Large

This could be the forehead, nose or ears, depending on the dog. Like, whoever had it prior to returning it owned a taco stand. Durability wise, I’d say I’d you have a chewer or scratcher it may not work for you.

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