Choosing Ramps For Stairs For Elderly Loved Ones

If you’re looking for stairs for dogs for high beds, these stairs can accommodate a height of up to 25.5”. Unlike most stairs, though, these are adjustable by height, so you can move them between couches, beds, and more. This extra-long ramp supports dogs of up to 120 pounds, meaning it’s good for nearly any breed. You can choose between white and cherry wood, and the simple, elegant design will go with nearly any décor. There’s even a landing platform at the top to give your dog extra stability.

This means it’s best for dogs under 60 pounds, as heavier dogs can compress the foam too much for the steps to be usable. Although the surface is coated in a non-slip material, customers report that this coating feels like sandpaper and is easily scratched off by sharp dog nails. Some models are available with a softer non-slip material called Supertrax, but they’re more expensive. However, if you just need a basic, portable, budget-friendly ramp, this is it.

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Finally, this adjustable dog ramp comes fully assembled and is easy to install without tools, and it’s made in the USA. When it comes to choosing stairs or a dog ramp for a tall bed, the most important factors are height and sturdiness. Simply put, you want a ramp or set of stairs that can both hold your dog’s weight and allow them to step on the surface of your bed without needing to stretch or jump. First, measure the distance from the floor to the top surface of your mattress. You’ll need a ramp that’s at least within a few inches of this measurement. Additionally, ensure that the ramp can support your dog’s weight.

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The price of quality is weight, and there’s no stronger portable folding ramp on the market than these. This small dog ramp for a bed weighs only 16 pounds and takes up far less floor space than many similar models. It has six different height positions for maximum adjustability and requires no anchoring, so it can easily move from bed to couch. The safety rails can be installed on either side of the ramp, giving you more options in terms of placing it near your bed. Needless to say, we favor our own Handi-Ramp Modular Portable Wheelchair Ramps.

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However, pet stairs are also better for your dog’s spine and other joints than simply hopping onto or off of a bed. Look for a ramp or stairs that are wide and sturdy enough for your dog while also fitting into your lifestyle and your home’s décor. It may take a little time to train your dog to use it, but it’s worth the effort to keep your pooch healthy and pain-free.

  • It’s a good thing this ramp looks good because it will be difficult to store.
  • That’s because, unlike the others, this one is made from plastic instead of wood, aluminum, or composite materials.
  • However, don’t make the angles on the post’s landing support.
  • So, you need to multiply the height of the stairs by 12 to get to the ramp’s length.
  • So, keeping the ADA rule in mind, the ramp’s length needs to be 22 feet.

Pet ramps or stairs are a great way to allow an older pet easier access to different parts of your home. Some pets struggle to climb onto the bed or sofa or into the car, and ramps and steps are the best way to help them avoid pain or even injury. Pre-made pet stairs and ramps tend to be expensive and fairly unsteady, and it can be difficult to find just the right size for your needs. The unique design of this model is somewhere between a ramp and stairs. Each step is lightly sloped and curved, making for a wave-like appearance that’s gentler on the joints than simple stairs. It’s also made of a dense foam that provides more cushion than wood or plastic steps.

Arrow Cat & Dog Stairs, Black, 3 Step

This simple dog ramp can be built quickly and easily with items that are most likely already laying around the home. Two simple pieces of flat wood, a chain or string to act as a hinge, and grippy carpeting are all that’s needed. Although ramps are safer, particularly for senior pooches or dogs with health problems, stairs are also an option. If space around your bed is limited, dog stairs for a bed may fit better in your room.

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