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Canine Enrichment 101 – pets blog

Canine Enrichment 101

We are so careful to make muzzle training fun for our pup, which means our pup is having fun with us. We strive to be predictable, so we don’t push or surprise our pup with too much too soon. It’s an excellent way to bolster our relationship with our dog.

  • If we think of our relationships as a bank account, all it can take is one bad incident to completely bankrupt the account.
  • For the best doggy toilet, equip a litter box or cover a flat tray with what will be the dog’s eventual toilet material.
  • Maybe you’re unconsciously shortening or skipping walks because of #life or the weather has affected your regular adventures together.
  • As a concept, it makes a great deal of sense, which is why the notion’s been gaining traction across a wide swath of veterinary medicine.
  • I’m talking to the friends, the partners, the family, the neighbors, the co-workers of pet parents who have pets with behavior problems.

He needs to do something, especially if left at home alone. You must provide some form of occupational therapy for your puppy to pass the day. If your puppy learns to enjoy chewing chewtoys, he will look forward to settling down quietly for some quality chewing time. It is important to teach your puppy to enjoy chewing chewtoys more than chewing household items. An effective ploy is to stuff the puppy’s chewtoys with kibble and treats. Before confining your puppy to his crate , you first need to teach him to love the crate and to love confinement.

Helping Dogs Live Their Best Lives!

If you have a muffin/cupcake pan and a few tennis balls then this is super simple to set up. Place treats or kibble in about half of the cups, then place tennis balls in each cup. Next, let your dog find the treats by moving the balls with their paw or nose. This dog game is so much fun to play, even your kids can play it with the dog.

Canine Enrichment 101: Helping Your Dog Live His best Life!

Without all of the necessary information, advice would miss the mark. Instead, by having all the necessary information, and by meeting each dog’s needs, we were able to make progress and find harmony within the family. Turner’s journey isn’t quite over at the time of writing this blog post, but he and his family are enjoying living a much more harmonious, bite-free lifestyle. By the end of a week, Pearl was eager to see her family , and was soliciting play from other puppies. With the information that the increased activity was making the situation worse, Truman’s vet found that Truman had a back injury and inflammation that was causing physical discomfort.

Basic Dog Training Books For Everyone

Completely ignore your puppy while he vocalizes, but each time he stops barking, immediately praise him calmly and offer a piece of kibble. When you are at home, confine your puppy to his doggy den with lots of chewtoys for housetraining, chewtoy-training, and teaching the pup to settle down peacefully and happily. It is important to confine your puppy for short periods when you are home in order to teach him how to enjoy his own company when left at home alone. The wonderful thing about teaching a puppy to enjoy chewing chewtoys is that this activity excludes many alternative, extremely annoying puppy behaviors.

This game will give your dog a great mental workout. Once your dog knows the names of some of their toys teach them the “go find it” game. Have your dogs toys in a pile or container and tell them to “go find” their favorite toy. As your dog gets better at this game you can make it more challenging by increasing the number of toys they have have to sift through. If you want to impress all of your friends teach your dog to fetch you something from the fridge.

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