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Not only do our dogs love it, but everyone who has seen it is amazed with the incredible craftsmanship. Merry Wooden Pet Crate includes a solid wood veneer cover which gives it a decorative look. It’s a muilti functional crate and you can use this crate for multi-purpose as it is easily convertible to gate, table and other furniture. The dog crate is created with a material called Ecoflex which is a non-toxic material that won’t warp.

  • Made out of metal and strongly reinforced, it’s tougher than most dogs want to deal with.
  • This makes it much easier for you to get your dog into the crate, especially if he or she is the type to run around when it’s time to go to sleep.
  • A beautiful and affordable pet crate from Archie & Oscar that will make a gorgeous end table!
  • From CBD for pets to tray liners and custom dog beds that will perfectly fit in your new wooden dog furniture – these accessories are designed with your pets in mind.

The Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate comes equipped with everything you need to make crating your pets at home a safe and enjoyable experience. This foldable crate really stands out because it’s actually fairly rugged for a soft crate. While most of the outside is fabric, it still has a steel frame inside. This means that it’s going to hold up to more use and it won’t deform just because you’ve packed it away.

Smonter Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Crate

Also, if you wish for your dogs to remain in one area, you can quickly lock the gate. The crate guarantees you durability due to the durable wood materials used in the construction. It does not require a technician to assemble or reassemble since all the parts are quite easy to remove and put back. A lot of customers will choose the Merry pet crate since you can use it as a kennel.

Its simple design allows it to be set up and later disassembled within a few short minutes. This and other features have given it worldwide popularity and very strong sales. The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets is a unit that comes heavily recommended by industry experts and pet owners alike. The only downside with these Midwest crates is that a determined dog can escape.

Best Value: Midwest Homes For Pets Icrate

The wooden crate consists of a removable sliding that enables you to clean it once the dog poops or urinates. It is large enough to accommodate even dogs who weigh 90 pounds. Wire and solid wood veneer make for an attractive addition to your living space and can be utilized as an end table or stand. Now that you know a little more about wooden dog crates, read on for our picks for some of the best options available for purchase in 2020. While we liked the initial appearance of this crate, upon closer inspection, its cheap construction and design flaws became apparent. We’re still not sure why you would use the cheapest material for the part that is meant to contain the dog, but this is the case with this crate.

wooden dog crates

It also is available in several sizes making it one of the few furniture styled dog crates that works for small to large dogs. Bowls beds houses trees tech exercise aquariums avian charity Back houses crates Back fish. Serious Safety The unique diamond-shaped mesh pattern and solid single-piece frame helps prevent injury to jaws and paws. Dog bed cat bed dog and cat furniture indoor dog house dog kennel dog crate. This dog crate from The Rustic Forestcan double as a credenza or a media center. This unit is completely customizable to your specifications.

Best Wooden Dog Crate

It’s also washable, which is very helpful for those who want to make sure they aren’t always carting around a smelly crate. The downside to this crate, as with any soft crate, is that it can be chewed through. If you keep an eye on your dog, though, this shouldn’t be an issue. If your dog is generally not averse to going in a crate or you want something that’s great for travel, though, this may be the best transport crate for you. Although a bit on the pricy side, the new Walcut Dog Cage is well worth the investment. If you want to bring your pets along for the journey, this unit makes for an excellent crate and temporary home.

There is also an easy-to-clean plastic tray that sits on the floor as protection from your pup’s accidents. The SMONTER Metal Cage has earned rave reviews from experts and customers alike for its affordability and durability. If you’re looking for a well-priced cage that gets the job done in a quick and efficient style, this may just be the model that fits the bill. Therefore don’t get attracted by the design or the color of the container but instead make sure it is strong enough for your dog. If you want to train your dog to be staying in the house a crate is a great tool to use. ​The sides are designed with a cage to provide enough air flow.

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