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Because the thickness of dog hair can affect how well the collar looks, we also take note of the different types of dog hairs. Similarly, every dog will react to collar correction differently, another criteria we consider is if there are options for different corrections. The best collars are those that offer warning tones or buzzes, as well as different levels of static correction intensity. Collar Specifications – Even though every aspect of a wireless dog fence needs to be of the highest quality, the collar is of especial importance.

The finest wi-fi dog fence is the PetSafe, as it is suitable to be placed on patios of any measurement. The system of this fence is capable of masking as a lot as one hundred eighty ft in diameter, and for your control, you’ll solely need a transmitter inside your home. This fence is most well-liked by users as it is suitable for dogs of any measurement. According to each electric dog fence, you can program with the three modes and each mode with a different stage. The levels vary from 10 to one hundred, in essentially the most sophisticated control.

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Large dogs will also be kept secure on a wireless fence like this. This fence is buried in its soil and can be installed in any garden regardless of its size or the type of soil. When you purchase this ground fence, you will receive a 500-foot wire with which you can recreate an area of ​​up to 1/3.

  • This fence is sturdy enough for dogs of any size, and if guided by the training manual for its installation, your dog will be successfully protected.
  • We have small dogs, and most wireless fences we’ve tried have very high correction levels for small breeds to endure.
  • The biggest question pet owners have when considering a wireless dog fence is if the collars are safe.

This feature is pretty standard on all PetSafe wireless fences we’ve bought. It prevents unnecessary correction whenever your dog goes back to safety. This way, your dog will know that running back to the safe zone will save him from the static shock. On the other hand, make sure you read the features and specifications in order to find out whether or not it fulfills your expectations and requirements. Also, bear in mind that this isn’t a complete containment system.

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The manufacturers have also upped their ante on the features of this electric dog fence system. These wireless fence systems are much easier to set up because they are above ground and require minimal installation. This also makes it more flexible than wired models, which would require you to dig up any current wire or install new wire should you ever need to alter the range. The SportDOG In-Ground Fence System is a hybrid model that uses a combination of a wi-fi receiver and wire in the ground to keep pets safe. With every wireless fence system, you will get a manual for training your dog. But still if you find it hard to understand we can give you some tips.

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After that, the collar will shut off the correction for one minute before repeating the cycle. This has a GPS location technique all built into its compact collar. You can easily set the range using the buttons on the collar, so there’s no need to think about a separate transmitter unit. In this set, you’ll receive a waterproof receiver collar with a rechargeable battery with a low-batt indicator. Take note that it’s normal for the collar to degrade after five years.

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There are many ways to contain your dog safely within the bounds of your property without being overly cruel to them. However, not every dog owner seems to prefer a purely wireless dog fence. The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System is an excellent traditional style purchase for those of you who prefer a bit of physical boundary setting. It can be made to fit just about any size of a dog, without the contact points causing discomfort. Buyers should also note that the severity of the current can be adjusted to 5 different static correction levels. This way, you can give your pup a higher dose of static correction if they stray more frequently out of bounds or a lower dose once they begin to behave more obediently.

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The collar design is reliable and trustworthy, but not everyone likes the rubberized stripe. While it doesn’t lack any flexibility, it’s still rougher than nylon collars. On the other hand, it all comes down to the aesthetic appeal because the functionality and comfort are not jeopardized by the rubber coating.

Petsafe Free To Roam Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Instead, it’s just a collar that needs a transmitter in order to work. Therefore, if you don’t have a transmitter already, this model won’t work. If you have an open yard with no fence, this model might be the thing you’re looking for. The main thing you should look for is the intensity of the static correction.

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