Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Area Or Yards

So, it can be utilized in the rain, high humidity, snow, sleet and other weather conditions. If you have a dog that spends most of its time outdoors, this level of durability is extremely important. Easy to install – Wireless dog fence systems can be set up in minutes in some cases, while some wired fences can take up to 12 hours. There are no trenches to dig and no wires to bury, so with minimal fuss and time you can create a safe space for your dog to play. One of the greatest dangers to any electrical or online-based system is power surges.

If your Frenchie loves to dig or likes to crawl under spaces, wireless fencing may be a better option. Your dog is less likely to hurt themselves while digging, chewing, or crawling out of a fenced-in area when you use a wireless option. Investing in a high-quality wireless fence, using it properly, and taking care of it will not only extend its life but will also mean less maintenance for you. Traditional fencing is permanent, but typically needs a fresh coat of paint or needs to have sections replaced depending on the type of fence.

Best For Camping: Petsafe  Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence

As noted above, the majority of modern wireless dog fences run directly off the electrical current from your home. This can sometimes lead to issues, such as a power surge that causes an overload of the wireless dog fence. As the pet owners and owners of the wireless dog fence, you can adjust the unit to give your dog a variety of warning sounds and punishment shocks. Pet owners can select the exact severity of the shock to correspond with just how often your dog chooses to ignore the warnings sent out by the unit. Thankfully, most invisible dog fences offer collars that buzz or beep, as well as offer the small static correction. If a beep is all your dog needs to stay within their boundary, perfect!

long range wireless dog fence

With this custom shape wireless dog fence, you get a lot of almost unmatched durability. This is not a wireless fence, but rather an invisible dog fence – a hybrid of the wired and wireless fence. Whenever your dog steps out of the wireless dog fence zone, they will receive a small shock from the collar.

The Top 5 Wireless Dog Fences For Large Areas

Allow your dog thefreedomto play inside or out, while providing constructive behavior training. You won’t need to stop the training process due to a dead battery or out of zone reach. If training isn’t done well and thoroughly with a stubborn dog, they’re more likely to flaunt the rules and become accustomed to running past the markers despite the shocks. The most impressive thing about this system is its ability to work at large distances — users report it working seamlessly even on a five acre plot. The top-level charge delivers a firm shock, meaning your dog will respect this collar .

  • Retreat Response – This is the distance your dog must retreat before they stop receiving static correction.
  • Its invisible Wi-Fi signal makes it the perfect pet containment system for your dog.
  • To ensure proper functionality of the transmitter, you need to use one transmitter per 5 acres of area coverage.
  • Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before deciding if a wireless dog fence is for you.
  • This results in the inability to locate the collar and often the issuance of an inappropriate correction to the dog.

This fencing system withstands any weather condition, if you like for your pet products to be versatile and able to be used rain or shine. To pair perfectly with a good range, you may want to be on the lookout for a system that also takes care of training your dogs. Big obstacles such as trees, garages, or other large objects also interfere with the radio transition. The simple fact of the matter is that basic physical wooden/stone/wired fences are often a must-have for a dog-owner’s yard, but they are also often not enough. Unless you want to turn your house and yard into a fortress that can only be accessed through the door or a helicopter pad, you should always keep an eye on your dog. She has written many reviews and guides aimed at helping our four-legged friends and, in turn, their two legged owners.

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