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Best Interactive Dog Toys: Keep Your Dog Occupied! – pets blog

Best Interactive Dog Toys: Keep Your Dog Occupied!

This is a great way to introduce your dog to the interactive puzzle. The plastic is all BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free so it is completely safe for your dog to use. KONG is a well-known brand for a good reason, their toys are loved by almost every dog and they can keep your pooch entertained for hours or even days.

You should definitely crate your dog for his/her own safety, but 10 hours is a REALLY long time to spend in a crate and alone. If you can arrange for your pup to be let out/walked about halfway through the day (you during lunch or a dogwalker), then you can really have any dog you want.

If this applies to your dog, you might want to consider buying them a toy that offers them treats when they do something right. Some dog breeds are smarter than others (I know, we hate to say it!) so if your dog is not as mentally inclined, you’ll need a dog toy that is easier for them to use. Make sure you practice using the toy with your dog before leaving them to their own devices so that you can encourage them to work it out. No matter what type of interactive toy you go for, you never want to choose a toy that does nothing. Dogs won’t respond well to this unless they’re particularly clever and independent. The most successful toys for boredom are the ones that get your dog thinking and moving.

Hide And Seek Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy

Some simply aren’t amused while other more skittish dogs are actually afraid of the sounds. The toy is also quite pricey so it can be frustrating to buy the Ricochet and have your dog be uninterested in it. The two balls can be positioned as much as 30 ft apart while still staying synced.

best Interactive Dog Toys: Keep Your Dog Occupied!

The dog toy you choose needs to be durable enough to withstand lots of use because you want it to keep your dog entertained day in and day out. By bearing all of the following points in mind when looking for a dog toy, you’re bound to choose the best option for your dog. This will save you time, money, and keep your dog occupied for a long time. Not all dogs like particular dog toys, so it’s important that you know what your dog enjoys. Some love tennis balls, others like fluffy toys that they can rip to shreds.

Tail Teaser With Refill Dog & Cat Teaser Toy

It comes in a small size for dogs between 10 and 20 pounds and a medium size for dogs over 20 pounds, and the brand says it’s dishwasher-safe. Schuetzner recommended this goDog chew toy for bigger dogs because they have minimal stuffing and a durable squeaker that’s difficult to remove. The brand offers different types of this toy like dragons, dinosaurs and alligators, as well as multiple sizes, including large and extra-large for bigger dogs.

  • Made from dog-safe, durable rubber, this is safer and gentler on their mouths than a rawhide bone and will last longer.
  • It requires an advanced skill level, reaching a number 3 on a scale from 1 to 4 .
  • Although it seems a fairly simple toy, it has several characteristics that makes it very attractive for dogs.
  • This cute and functional puzzle toy is great for dogs needing a little extra mental stimulation to keep them out of trouble.
  • This smart bone toy features 9 preset motions in the drive mode which gives you control by using the in-app virtual joystick to move it.
  • We Love Doodles is dedicated to our F2B Mini Goldendoodle named Kona.

The Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Toy gives your dog the same feeling as though he was outdoors chasing live squirrels. The beauty about today’s pet-centric culture is that you are not just limited to a ball or Frisbee which your dog will be rivaling with your kids. Sign up to receive our exclusive e-book full of training techniques, problem-solving and important information about caring for your pet.

It’s a good stimulator that helps your pet get used to problem-solving toys. The AIBOONDEE Treat Ball Dog Toy is a fun and stimulating doggie toy that helps fight boredom and engages your pooch. It isn’t overly durable and larger, more aggressive chewers can quickly tear up the toy. Make sure that you choose a dog toy that specifies whether it’s for small or big dogs to be on the safe side. Even if there’s not a threat to your puppy’s safety, the wrong size could disinterest your dog. There is no use in buying a great dog toy only for it to break after the second use.

How do dogs say sorry?

If your dog seems to be pushing you away, then he may actually be leaning into you. A dog leaning against a human or another animal is often a sign of dominance. He feels confident and in charge, and is essentially communicating to you that you’re not — uh oh.

Treat dispensing toys that come in the form of puzzles can help slow down fast eaters. This is helpful if you have a pooch that is susceptible to bloating. It’s also helpful for obese dogs that definitely need to lose weight. Your dog’s job is to learn to flip the tubes so that the treats will slide through the holes. The Mad Scientist comes in durable construction and a stable base so your pooch won’t be tipping it over. She is a real dog person, she was introduced to her first puppy at the age of 3 and since then she would rescue every pooch she met.

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