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Best Freeze Dried Dog Food – pets blog

Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

So you might have tried to switch your dog from kibble to raw. Again, remember that this is a big difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated or air-dried foods. Those foods are processed with heat, and that is usually a “kill step” for pathogens.

The best Freeze-Dried Dog Food: The Benefits of Dehydrated Food!

Additionally, these foods are predominantly (up to 95%) made with animal muscle meat, their organs, or raw ground bones. Secondly, since the preservation happens under a frozen state, the food retains most of its natural taste, nutrients , natural enzymes, and nutrition. Cooking and processing of the usual canned or dog kibble usually degrade heat-sensitive nutrients.

Dog Breeding

Health and Nutrition All your dogs’ health, nutrition, fitness, grooming and special care. It’s important that you take into account the amount of treats you give and take that into account when feeding the other regular meals for the day. In general, older dogs need less fat, while active, working dogs need more protein and carbohydrates. At Side by Side, we know just how big an impact real food can make on your pet’s diet. That belief drives us to carefully and intentionally craft each product to perfection. Running warm or cold can heavily affect the quality of your pet’s life.

How healthy is freeze dried food?

Shelf life: The moisture content has an effect on shelf life, with freeze-dried foods lasting between 25 and 30 years, and dehydrated products lasting about 15 to 20 years.

These ingredients are still raw and only undergo minimal processing. Available in five protein choices, including rabbit and venison, these raw frozen patties are made with whole-food ingredients including single-source animal proteins and grain-free carbohydrates. In this article, we’ll explain what freeze-dried pet food is so you can decide whether or not it’s right for your pet. We’ll also share some tips to help you choose a high-quality freeze-dried diet. Since freeze-dried dog treats are dehydrated, they have a very long shelf-life. However, just like everything else, it still has an expiration period, just like any other perishable product.

Lamb Formula Nuggets Grain

In either case, you’ll need to look for a food that’s a complete meal. Read the fine print; there are many types of both dehydrated and freeze-dried foodsthat are meant for supplemental feeding only, rather than complete nutrition. Both dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are considered healthier than feeding kibble. While freeze drying can suspend spoilage for years, there is still a very small amount of moisture left in the dog food, so eventually it will go bad. However, most of us are not going to purchase a year’s worth of dog food in advance, so spoilage really shouldn’t become an issue.

This all-natural recipe portfolio will not only fulfill your dog’s food requirements but also lead them towards a healthier food diet. To aid in on healthy digestion and balanced nutrition, the food is enhanced with probiotics. Freeze-dried pet food is an excellent choice If you’re looking for a lightweight, minimally processed, healthy, and tasty food that will provide your pet with a wide array of nutrients and vitamins. The freeze-drying process reduces moisture content in food by up to 99% without affecting the nutritional value. It’s also versatile, palatable, shelf-stable, and won’t take up much space in your pantry. It can also be used to supplement a dry food diet or complement a raw food diet.

How To Have The Perfect Beach Day With Your Dog

The downside is that it is more expensive than other products in its category. On day 5, increase the amount of the new diet to 75% and reduce the old diet to 25%. At this point, your dog should be comfortable with his new diet, and you can give him 100% of it after a few days.

  • We feel fine about HPP; we’ve been to HPP plants and observed the raw dog food before, during, and after treatment and have confidence that it is not harmed or made unsafe to feed.
  • Don’t forget that the meat that is used in the production of this food has come from animals who could be carrying pathogens.
  • Once the food has been hydrated and turns into fresh food, you can fridge it for up to 2-3 days or freeze it for a month.
  • Most of the ingredients could be organic and the meat sources are usually humanely raised, free-range, grass-fed animals.
  • The process of air-drying food, while similar to dehydration, produces an extremely nutrient-dense food with scoop-and-serve convenience.
  • It doesn’t have hormones, antibiotics, gluten, grains, artificial preservatives, colorings, and worthless fillers as well as pea, lentil, or potatoes.

So I thought it was time to delve into it a bit and see what the excitement is about. The added supplements provide plenty of calcium for strong bones and probiotics for a healthy digestion. There are no grains or gluten in the recipe and the chicken is from cage-free birds. There are plenty of added vitamins and minerals for overall health and flaxseed for omega oils. It contains no cheap soy fillers and has no grains or gluten. Here’s everything you need to know about freeze-dried dog food.


You can use it as a complete and balanced meal, a topper, or treat with or without rehydrating it. It has 80% lamb meat, organ meat, and ground bones together with fruits and vegetables that are nutrient and antioxidant-rich. Easy to digest, hypoallergenic dog food made with a single protein source and limited ingredients. Besides being a mixer, you can serve it as a complete and balanced diet to your dogs, both with and without rehydration. Use their free-feeding chart or calculator to determine the amount depending on your dog size.

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