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Some dogs just don’t get on with certain foods, so finding the right one could take some trial and error. Read on if you’d like more information on freeze-dried dog foods, or you can pick from one of our top choices. If your dog has diarrhea or vomiting after eating dog food, there’s a chance your dog may have contracted food poisoning. Yes, you need to make sure you follow the instructions on the back before you serve freeze-dried dog food to your dog.

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The process of freeze-drying dog food involves the use of a vacuum chamber for the removal of the moisture from the raw, frozen ingredients by applying extreme pressure. The application of pressure ensures that harmful pathogens that may reside in the food are completely destroyed. Low heat is usually being used during cooking, which makes sure that the active enzymes and nutrients of the food are perfectly retained; the result is still considered a raw food. Food being cooked with high heat is more liable to have suffered damaged nutrients and enzymes.

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You also don’t have to worry about ingredients going bad, as freeze-dried raw dog food has a much longer shelf-life. Sojos’s freeze-dried raw dog food uses wild-caught salmon as the first ingredient, alongside whole eggs and fruits and vegetables, such as parsnips, green peas, and cranberries, kelp, and carrots. In addition to being extremely nutritious, this freeze-dried raw dog food is high in protein to ensure your pooch maintains a healthy weight. A good balance of fruits, vegetables, amino acids, fatty acids, and digestive enzymes are also mixed into this freeze-dried raw dog food for your companion’s optimum health.

  • In most cases, you will add water and rehydrate freeze-dried dog food before you serve it to your furry friend.
  • Produce labels will guide you on the life stage and tell you if they are complete and balanced for the specific life stage.
  • The V-DOG Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food is free from soy, corn, wheat, by-products, and fillers, which make it superior in quality to most cheap kibble options on the market.
  • Freeze-dried foods can still be made with common food allergens, but many of them are naturally grain-free, made with premium proteins, and are free from artificial additives and non-nutritive fillers.

First, you should look at what you have to do to prepare that dog food at home. What do you need to do before you can serve that frozen dog food to your dog? If you open it and feed it to your dog right out of the package, it may be too cold or hard for your dog to chew through. There are several types of freeze-dried dog food you could encounter. Even though this dog food has been freeze-dried, it is still considered raw. Keep this in mind when you are looking for freeze-dried dog food for your puppy or adult dog.

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I hope I have helped simplify and clarify the different pet food diet options available for your pets. I want everyone to feel empowered and sure they are making the best decisions for their pet. As a veterinarian trained in Eastern Food Therapy, I will always recommend a complete and balanced whole food nutrition diet with no artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Raw diet price varies based on whether you purchase a pet food brand or provide the ingredients yourself. Kibble-based pet food diets tend to be the least costly; however, cost depends on the brand of kibble.

When starting, it’s best to make gradual changes rather than completely switching from the standard dog food to a raw diet. Many fans of this diet say it is far closer to the natural sources of vitamins and minerals dogs used to get. You also know exactly what goes into it, even if you purchase freeze-dried raw foods rather than making your own. Fortunately, there are a handful of companies experienced in creating finely balanced nutritious raw meals for dogs.

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Examples include Pears, Squash, Green Beans, Carrots, Blueberries, and more. Also, the formula contains the ever staple Peas and Chickpeas for carbohydrates and Fiber. These legumes are found in almost all of Nature’s Variety Instinct’s dry dog food recipes. This combination allows dog owners to keep their costs reasonable, have easy access to their dog’s food while still allowing them to benefit from the superior nutrition and taste.

Take a close look at this beef recipe from Tylee’s; it is one of the least expensive freeze-dried dog food options on the market. In addition to the beef, it contains organic fruits and vegetables and includes antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for the overall wellbeing of your best friend. A single pound of this freeze-dried dog food from Sojo’s makes up to five pounds of ready-to-eat raw goodness.

No hormones, grains, antibiotics, soy, corn, wheat, fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives. Offers a trial size turkey recipe for people who have picky eaters. As a precaution, don’t forget to wash with hot soapy water on surfaces used for handing the food, food bowls, and your hands as they may harbor germs.

Both the processes involve removal of moisture, making them lightweight also. However, research suggests that freeze-drying, which is a relatively new process as compared to dehydrating, is a much healthier and safer way to do this. Health and Nutrition All your dogs’ health, nutrition, fitness, grooming and special care. The ultimate pet owner’s guide to the best products and tips for keeping animals happy and healthy.

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