Best Dogs For Seniors To Adopt

Caring for a pet can boost self-esteem, and the companionship of a dog can help ward off loneliness, anxiety and depression. Having a dog comes with many benefits, including increased physical activity. Cindel and my Dad instantly bonded, and without work to focus on she quickly became the focus of my Dad’s attention. Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. Your pup will take care of you when you don’t feel well or are tired, and will probably be content to keep you company all day.

best dogs for seniors

Commonly called Frenchies, this bulldog breed is one of the best dogs for seniors who live in apartments or want a dog with less energy. They are spirited and goofy by nature and love to be with their humans. They’ll climb into your lap and cuddle while you watch the nightly news, or they’ll have you giggling as they run around in the backyard. They’re not the best choice for people who live in hot environments, as they can overheat easily. They have enough personality to keep up with larger dogs, but they’re also perfect for people living a slower life.

West Highland White Terrier

Don’t rule any of those great designer dogs out when making your choice. What is the life expectancy of the breed you are considering? How old will you be when the dog reaches his senior years? This is a great dog for an older adult who doesn’t want the typical lap dog. Shar-Peis are one of the easiest dogs to housetrain. They usually do not like strangers and make excellent watch dogs.

  • Plus, we’ve made a list of the 21 best dogs for seniors.
  • They are among the most loving dogs, and they are all about affection.
  • Just like what we have been discussed earlier, having a dog of your own may have a great impact to your life.
  • They’re happiest hanging out with their people and chasing a ball, which is why this loveable pooch is the most popular dog in the US.

Plus, they were bred to be lap dogs, which makes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a fantastic armchair pet. Although Greyhounds are most known for their racing capabilities, they are also ultra-gentle and loving dogs. Greyhounds are easily one of the best dogs for elderly seniors.

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This breed is an affectionate and happy companion. Your Pom will like snoozing in your lap and playing with toys. Most of all, this breed will enjoy your companionship. Beagles have long been a favorite of retirees because of their cheerful nature, smaller size, and easy to groom coat. If grooming really is not your thing, consider one of the short-haired small dog breeds. Beagles are energetic and need a small yard and toys for playing.

Moreover, the life expectancy of the Italian Greyhounds may last to a minimum of 12 up to 15 years. This breed also has an innate characteristic of being friendly. More so, they are very suitable for small sized houses and apartments. But, they just need a little more time to exercise in a day.

Retired Dogs

So that can cause some annoyance to your urban neighbors. The key to life happiness is taking your dog on a daily walk outside. Usually, this breed of dog has a straight, silky coat of fur that comes in various colors. Weighing about 20 pounds, Welsh terriers are naturally playful. So, if you’re not very active, it may not be the best choice for you. Good for beginner dog owners, these puppies are known to be very affectionate to just about anyone.

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Although they have a reputation for speed, Greyhounds are actually quite lazy! These couch potatoes are a low maintenance medium-sized option for seniors and retirees. It’s important to consider how your health will impact your ability to care for your dog, both now and in the future. Even if you don’t want to get a brand new puppy, a breeder still may be able to help you find the right dog. On occasion, breeders do sell adult dogs or have a situation where they need to rehome a dog they previously had sold.

Pugs may be the best small dogs for seniors who would rather cuddle with their pooch in an armchair than take it out hiking every day. These animals don’t need much exercise and can’t handle temperature extremes, so they spend much of their time indoors. Childlike, loyal, and affectionate, pugs are devoted to their owners and love to nap. They aren’t really barkers, although they tend to snore.

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